Feb. 23, 2022

Waking Up As A Woman Was Like Coming Home

Waking Up As A Woman Was Like Coming Home

CW//  TW//  addiction, suicide & mental health

If talk about addiction, mental health and suicide are triggering for you, skip this episode and come back next time.

Last week, we re-aired the story of my sister Cori. While I was on the search for my biological mother, I also found Cori, my sibling who was transitioning into a female during that time. 

In this episode, we revisit Cori to see where she is now after the biggest decision of her life. Her transformation, her struggles, and what she has become. From drug abuse, alcohol, and thoughts of suicide. Cori was able to conquer her demons and found her sense of purpose. Cori found her real home, through acceptance and self-love.

In this episode:

[05:49] Feeling calm amidst the chaos.

[08:10] I just always felt this deep desire to be a woman. - Cori

[09:56] The road to self-acceptance was difficult.

[11:17] Cori and her wife are trying to repair their relationship.

[13:23] Drug use and alcohol became an escape for Cori. 

[15:03] Contemplating bottom surgery.

[16:46] While in a state of depression and a desire to take drugs, Cori had a weird moment of clarity, a voice telling her that she needed help.

[20:13] Cori checked herself into rehab.

[21:59] After two months in rehab, Cori went through gender confirmation surgery.

[25:39] She met a Lakota Healer in rehab who told Cori her prediction, her purpose in life.

[27:57] Getting back on track with an intention to find a career aligned to who she is, her passion, and purpose.

[29:08] Cori had to undergo the same neck surgery as Wendy.

[31:37] Cori’s wife Pasha has been very supportive and rehab helped Cori with his issues that stemmed from the use of illegal drugs. 

[35:36] Cori wants to find a career that has a purpose.

[38:19] After reassignment surgery, Cori felt more socially accepted.

[40:31] Developing stereotypical self-doubt that a lot of women have.

[41:12] Her biggest opportunity for growth is self-love.

[43:31] The more I look and feel feminine, the better I feel. And the more I feel feminine, the more I just feel right. - Cori

[44:41] The injury in her neck made Cori realize to prioritize her physical health.

[45:15] Accepting herself not just as a woman, a trans, a guy, but as a human being.

[50:12] We can’t act ignorant anymore…

[56:54] The 2 domains Cori feels awkward to.

[58:58] There's some real subtleties around hiring, acceptance and culture. An important point about diversity and equity inclusion.

[1:03:50] I need you to be an ally…

[1:08:00] The misconception between right and wrong in our society.

[1:11:18] We need to evolve as human beings in this culture to say difference is good.

[1:20:05] Seek out all the different opinions, because that's where the learning is.

[1:20:38] What’s next for Cori?

[1:25:26] What keeps her going is her sense of purpose. To find it, fill it, and do it.


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About Cori Custer / Cori Lovejoy

Cori’s is a true story of transition. A momentous plot of transformation. What you’re seeing is a lifetime of desire being released. “I think we can dress consciously in a way that amplifies and expresses our differences and amplifies our voice and our personal power and shines our light and use it that way.”

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