April 9, 2023

We all get what We are Willing to Tolerate... with Super charged coaching expert John Leeward

We all get what We are Willing to Tolerate... with Super charged coaching expert John Leeward

John Scott Leeward has a remarkable pre-second wind of his life. It includes an extensive background in television and movies, both onscreen and behind the scenes with his unique camera company. He has done all this while embarking on successful and long-running entrepreneurial ventures.

At age 68, John decided to put all that glitz and glamor off to the side. He chose to pursue what has been tugging at his heartstrings all his life. John knew it was time to listen to what he believes his purpose is. He discovered and honed in on the Six Universal Human Needs. These significantly rule over how we as humans show up in the world, not only for ourselves but for others.

These life lessons bring us to where we are and how we choose one path versus the other. In today’s episode, John shows us that this is what’s important. He will teach us that it's a gift to be able to do something with our life’s path to serve others.

In this Episode

[02:08] John tells us about that moment when he gave up a life of movies and television.

[03:52] Life for John in his twenties and how his movie career started.

[09:40] How personal development books helped John with his shyness.

[11:06] How does John go from reading Tony Robbins' books to working with him?

[13:25] John started to coach about healthier habits.

[16:04] “It's empowering for me to help others.” - John

[20:46] John decided he needed to investigate and learn about helping people get over their hurdles with Six Universal Human Needs.

[22:58] What does “problems are here to sculpt our soul” mean to John?

[23:40] What does the statement “we get what we are willing to tolerate” mean?

[28:23] The meaning of feeling significant and worthy.

[35:36] There is a spectrum of traumas.

[37:01] What are some breakthroughs that John has made with people?

[40:06] How life is not a straight line.

[41:22] Your problems are all about how you perceive them.

[42:59] What has motivated John to take such leaps?

[47:24] “You have that attitude and use that mental exercise to say, if anything bad happens, where can I find the gift in this?” - John

[48:13] What are some things that John does to keep himself going?

[49:03] John’s mantra about the mind.

[51:40] What is next for John?

About John Leeward

John Leeward is the President of Leeward Camera Systems and CEO of The Cam Runner. He also coaches his clients through the Six Universal Human Needs.

John’s movie credits include The Possession (2012), Sex Drive (2008), and Midnight Crossing (1988).​

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