May 7, 2023

How do we clear the Fear and come to Acceptance with Melinda V. Jacobs of Quantum Therapeutics

How do we clear the Fear and come to Acceptance with Melinda V. Jacobs of Quantum Therapeutics

We have a fabulous lady with us today on the Second Wind podcast. Her name is Melinda V. Jacobs and she is of Quantum Therapeutics and Intuitive Coaching and Hypnosis. But she goes far beyond traditional therapy.

Melinda combines and blends counseling, intuitive coaching, cellular release therapy, and clinical hypnosis to create a truly unique and amazing approach for anyone. And it's a healing approach.

She has a very interesting story about her past struggles with an eating disorder and finding out that she was on the spectrum.

If you are looking for healing through self-love and spirituality, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss.

In this Episode

[03:44] The second wind moment for Melinda.

[06:47] What made Melinda think she was a highly sensitive person on the autism spectrum?

[12:01] Were there instances when Melinda stopped her behavior or did she even notice it?

[14:25] How did this second wind moment affect Melinda?

[18:45] How did Melinda work through this to get back on track or another track?

[26:05] “I love that idea that none of us really know what's happening internally for another being and to be really gentle right now because everything is happening.” - Melinda

[28:16] Where Melinda is now and what it looks like when she sits with a client.

[31:10] Is a past eating disorder still part of Melinda’s life?

[35:39] How Melinda works with the conscious and the subconscious.  

[39:54] How did Melinda decide this was her life’s work?

[44:00] Melinda takes us through what a session would look like.

[50:12] How does Melinda help a person with something that is in their best interest?

[53:36] How to get in touch with Melinda? 

[56:33] Does Melinda have a mantra to get herself out of bed every day?

About Melinda V. Jacobs

Melinda V. Jacobs has dedicated her life to empowering people to evolve and move forward into a more authentic expression of their deeper truths. With extensive training in hypnotherapy, bodywork, consciousness theory, and metaphysics, she has helped people with healing arts since 1988. Her practice specializes in teaching people how to develop their natural awareness of the energetic and metaphysical world and how it interplays with one’s physical body, thoughts, emotions, and behavior. She also supports clients in healing their inner relationships through clearing trauma on all levels; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

She can help you with releasing weight, resolving past trauma, achieving life goals, and nurturing relationships. Also deepening spirituality.

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