April 30, 2023

How the Heck do You find Faith in Loss and Hardship? With Steve Wormer Author of Rivers of Hope

How the Heck do You find Faith in Loss and Hardship? With Steve Wormer Author of Rivers of Hope

We all have sad and difficult moments in our lives but there is always a message if you know where to look.

Today I have the honor of bringing you Steve Wormer. Steve has had many different forks in his road but his true second wind moment was after his emotional affair with a coworker. Steve recently self-published his first book, Rivers of Hope, where he writes about this affair and its positive effects on his marriage. Rivers of Hope also focuses on his journey to hope through the trials he faced, from miscarriages, failed adoptions, and an absent biological father.

Apart from writing, Steve is a full-time Lead Evangelist for a church in Tennessee, the Executive Director of Hurt to Hope, a public speaker, and a leadership and life coach. The way his life unfolded for him after he found his purpose in that second wind has brought him to write his book and offer himself to a life of healing others.

In this Episode

[02:06] The story of Steve’s pivotal moment through an emotional affair.

[04:42] The time of Steve’s divorce and the trials both he and his wife encountered.

[07:20] Who is Steve Wormer and how did he grow up?

[12:43] As a young adult man, Steve realizes that he has an anger that has never left him since his youth.

[16:45] Living the American dream while dealing with the loss of children through miscarriage.

[21:44] Steve kept feeling like he kept getting beaten down.

[23:44] The shift in Steve’s life is due to prayer with friends and life through scripture.

[27:18] When Steve and his wife tried to start their family by having adoptions.

[30:22] How did Steve keep bouncing back and going back to the drawing board?  

[32:01] When did Steve start becoming that guy that people go to for advice?

[34:12] Another opportunity comes along to become parents.

[38:48] Where is Steve preaching now?

[43:22] Why did Steve write his book, “Rivers of Hope”? 

[46:56] “There was a lack of peace that I needed to have filled and only God could fill it and He did.” - Steve

[49 57] What's next on Steve’s horizon?

[51 24] What is Steve’s mantra when he wakes up every morning?

About Steve Wormer

Steve Wormer lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his wife Rebecca and their three amazing children. Steve has led three churches, and he is currently leading a church in the Memphis area. Steve and Rebecca are also Executive Directors of Hurt to Hope which is a non-profit organization helping people overcome painful experiences of various types. Steve is also a speaker and certified Leadership and Life Coach.

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