March 20, 2023

Finding Habit Shifts And Lifestyle Transformation While Fighting Cancer Became Her Second Wind with Lynn Power of MASAMI and The Conscious Beauty Collective

Finding Habit Shifts And Lifestyle Transformation While Fighting Cancer Became Her Second Wind with Lynn Power of MASAMI and The Conscious Beauty Collective

We are very excited to bring to you today’s guest, Lynn Power. She is an extraordinary woman, like all of the women we bring on Second Wind. However, Lynn is extraordinary in every sense of the word.

She is a wife and a mother, an entrepreneur of brands such as Isle de Nature, and her newest brand of clean and direct-to-consumer hair care products called MASAMI. Lynn has been a marketing expert for over 30 years working her way from the receptionist to the boardroom. And she's worked with many brand-name companies, like Clinique, Estee Lauder, and Naima Products, just to name a few.

She has left her as CEO of an iconic advertising agency named Jay Walter Thompson, New York. And in retrospect, she is finding her second wind when she decided to give her notice. And the story that has come since then is remarkable.

What many people might not know is that Lynn is a recent cancer survivor. She was given the news and the treatment for an aggressive form of cancer while embarking on her new journey with MASAMI during the pandemic. It all happened like it was the perfect storm!

Listen to her amazing journey and how she kept such a positive attitude during this trying time.

In this Episode

[03:20] What was Lynn Power’s shift and change of trajectory?

[05:48] How Lynn started doing consulting in advertising.

[07:45] It is “a very challenging time for advertising”.

[08:42] How Lynn started her side hustle.

[12:46] How Lynn formulated her hair care products with the help of a cancer-preventative ingredient from Japan.

[16:00] The value of working with sustainable hair products.

[19:32] Lynn gives us a timeline of when she decided to jump into making high-quality products sustainable hair care products.

[23:13] When Lynn got the news about her very rare and aggressive form of cancer?

[32:24] How did Lynn manage to run a new business going through the struggles of cancer treatment?

[36:25] “I really thought about what lifts me up and what brings me down. And I tried to get rid of the toxic people in my life that bring me down.” - Lynn

[37:01] How the Conscious Beauty Collective was born.

[38:07] How Lynn got her business to the next level.

[38:56] Was the cancer Lynn’s catapult to figure out how to prioritize herself and her time?

[40:53] Lynn decided to take her care and move to Palm Springs, where she could walk to her treatments.

[43:28] How Lynn’s mindset never went negative even while going through chemo.

[47:54] Where and how is Lynn’s health now?

[48:55] Lynn talks about her journey toward MASAMI.

[50:16] What are Lynn’s biggest A-HA moments or epiphanies from these last few years since leaving as CEO

[51:38] Lynn also has a brick-and-mortar store. 

[53:50] Where can people get these amazing products?

[54:59] Lynn’s soul is being filled by being a mentor and a nurturer for other brands and other young women entrepreneurs.

About Lynn Power

Lynn Power is the Co-Founder & CEO of MASAMI, a clean premium hair care product line. She is also the Co-Founder of Isle de Nature, a luxury bee-powered home fragrance company.

She is an advertising executive turned entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging creative thinking to build businesses and ultimately help brands survive and thrive. Lynn also has a strong experience in cultural & business transformation, digital strategy, consumer insights, talent design, and marketing modernization. Member of Women's Forum of NY, CEW, Betaworks.

She is extremely inspiring since she has had a huge part of her life with an aggressive form of cancer. She just put her head down and went right through it and created two thriving businesses amazingly.

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