Second Wind the Podcast

Second Wind the Podcast

What's next? That is the question that seems to plague us as we enter the next phase or, second half of our lives. We have already done so much! We have worn so many hats being the wife, the mother, the bread winner, the educator, the scheduler, the taxi driver, the cook, the maid, now what? This podcast is all about sharing the stories of ordinary women doing extraordinary things who answered that same question. This podcast is here to make you think, make you feel, inspire and empower you to help you find your Second Wind.

Your host, Wendy Charles Maguire has conversations each week that share how anyone and everyone has the ability to find their souls purpose if they just know where and how to look! The "Getting Your House in Order" Series within the line up are part of the very important connection between the body and the mind. In these episodes, everything women is discussed by specialists from Medical Doctors to Healers and everything in between.
Go ahead and breathe in Your Second Wind!

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March 10, 2021

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