April 23, 2023

Just One Decision later, She was, for real, TOTALLY ALONE With Sabrina Victoria

Just One Decision later, She was, for real, TOTALLY ALONE With Sabrina Victoria

From a struggling single mom to escaping a thirteen-year narcissistic abusive relationship, our guest’s tenacity and optimistic spirit have inspired fans worldwide and helped endless amounts of people break through and discover their own untapped talents and immense potential.

For Sabrina Victoria, happiness is her priority. Helping you to find it in your life is her mission. She is dedicated to building the largest community on the planet filled with confident, bold and brilliant women that are constantly curious about being better, doing better, and humanity better.

When you see her picture, it exudes confidence and energy and you can almost feel these like lightning bolts coming through and it's for good reason.

Sabrina has helped thousands find the missing links. She is the best kind of expert because she has been stripped down to nothing and has recreated herself more times than any one person should have to while we're living on this earth in our human form.

Her story is like no other.

In this Episode

[02:02] What is Sabrina’s pivotal second wind moment?

[03:51] Sabrina’s backstory and being raised a Jehovah’s Witness.

[07:53] The decision to leave her son’s father when she was barely twenty and the baby was three months old.

[12:09] How did Sabrina notice that she was in a toxic relationship?

[19:43] What made Sabrina decide she wanted to leave even though she had a very comfortable life?

[26:04] Sabrine raised money and then had to spend it as fast as she raised it.

[33:31] “Just one random day in June, [I] picked up my son, closed the bicycle, started all over again with a mattress on the floor in a new place.” - Sabrina

[37:45] What were these multimillion-dollar businesses that Sabrina landed on?

[40:19] Why physical fitness is important to Sabrina. 

[48:59] We talk about Sabrina’s business and her first personal development program “How To Leave Your Husband in 365 Days”.

[52:40] How did Sabrina get through this without scars?

[59:21] In what way does Sabrina help people and what is her passion?

About Sabrina Victoria

Sabrina Victoria is the CEO of Human Better 365, a female speaker, female entrepreneur, and author of Envision Your Best Life 90-Day Planner, and creator of Catapult Your Life in 365 Days. She is also the Host of the fastest-growing all-female podcast/community, Her Version. Creator of the community, Sober Society, inspiring sober individuals to find their spark again. 

Sabrina has helped many people transform their lives and their businesses through her one on one coaching, group seminars, podcast, YouTube channel, and speaking engagements. She has had the privilege to work with Fortune 500 companies, but her work is not limited to large companies. She has a special passion for small business owners, parents, and students. 

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