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Wendy is the REAL deal

Love Wendy and her willingness to pursue Information, diving into new topics with enthusiasm, shining her bright light into places I’ve not thought about ! ( the poop )

Power and Energy of Women Rising!

What I love about these podcasts is how soooo many women are coming into their gifts and Wendy has tapped into that energy - the rising of the Divine Feminine! Women are coming into their power, into their gifts and this podcast celebrates the power and energy of this movement. Bravo Wendy for cr…


Thank you Wendy for taking on this topic. I know so many women who reach 50 and say what’s next and they’re looking for inspiration! You’re podcast and guest provide so much motivation. You’re a fantastic host that keeps it real but entertaining! Thank you - I love listening to your interviews... …

Great information for living our best life!

I’ve listened to a few podcasts and have found each one so informative and interesting. Great job, Wendy, on bringing us insight into making the most of the second half of our lives!

New and very useful information

Every time I listen to one of Wendy’s podcasts I learn something new even if it is a subject I am familiar with. And if I know someone that can use the information because of what they are going through at the moment, I love to share! She finds amazing people that are at points in their life that I…

Congratulations Wendy

Hi Wendy It’s Rainy 🙌🏼🙋🏼‍♀️❤️I love so your podcast and have sent it out as a link to all my Gals You have a natural way of connecting with other women and allowing them to deliver their story or “ahhhh haaa “moment Your energy is vibrant and I’m a huge fan of what your doing Spreading kindne…

Omg, your show is amazing

Thank you for pouring into us. Your show is so inspiring and gives me hope that ther is more to come and there is more to life. That my life isn't over. Thank you. .

Loving the Journey

I live everything about this and the perspective this podcast offers. This podcast is engaging and wants to pull you in so you want more. Keep them coming.!!!


Lots of insight in this podcast! “When you don’t feel safe as a child the you’re desire to control stays with you into adulthood!” Just one of the many nuggets shared here. I highly recommend it!

Ready for my second wind!

Wendy is absolutely amazing and I’ve been loving every moment of this podcast. Her story telling is completely captivating. She is a real joy to listen to! I am soaking things up right along with her!

Yes Yes Yessssssssssss!!

Wendy is wonderful !! Get ready! Once you listen to one, you’re gonna dive into the other and then another and then another be prepared to love this message!!! Love everything about this podcast-MichelleJlamont

On point!

Such a powerful perspective to a topic close to heart! Thanks for always delivering such great information!

Fun. Entertaining. Relevant.

Wendy knows how to get to the heart of the matter quickly. With humor, sincerity, and passion she gives women a platform to share their second wind journeys. This is a very worthwhile listen! Thank you Wendy!

Motivational and awe inspiring

This podcast is truly one of a kind!! Although intended for women in their second course of life, I find so much knowledge and inspiration for women in their younger years as well. So much pure grit and compassion has poured into each one and everyone should give a listen!! Thank you for sharing th…

Uplifting Messages

Really love the variety of topics all related to women in their second wind of life. Thanks for bringing us worthwhile stories with super tidbits of ways to grow and improve.

I love this theme!

nobody talks about this enough. Saying what’s next after 50+ yrs of living seems selfish and like too much to many. But the host wendy is bringing you stories of women that found a new version of themselves after there kids are all grown up and i’m so here for it

Spoke to me

I love hearing stories of women asking themselves the same questions I ask myself: What’s next? What can I do that has more purpose, is more personally fulfilling, and brings joy to others? Listening to women who asked the questions, explored, and executed an idea is inspiring. Wendy Charles Maguir…


Great to hear stories from women like me who have found their second wind and to find out what makes this female body tic. Thank you for creating this!

Fresh & Inspirational Perspectives

I found this new Podcast to be truly inspirational. I appreciate the diverse backgrounds and personal stories of the guests interviewed thus far. I look forward to more. I highly recommend this to women who are approaching a new chapter in their life (or who desire to start one) and seeking a fre…