May 15, 2023

Her name is Nora Dammit! A Grandmothers journey through the Life and Death of her Grandchild.

Her name is Nora Dammit!  A Grandmothers journey through the Life and Death of her Grandchild.

Imagine a paradigm shift brought on by the loss of a baby girl. Today’s guest, Linda Barbour, went through just that and her second wind story is like no other.

Linda was a schoolteacher for 16 years of AP biology and anatomy. Previously a researcher of agriculture for UGA, she is now a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist. She will explain how it was going from the Eastern way of thinking to the Western way of healing.

This wonderful woman is a wife of 43 years, a sister with three brothers, and a mother of two. She is also a grandmother of four, three of which are living.

All of these experiences tie together Linda's second wind. Some might say her second wind came when she wrote her book, “510 Candles: The Illuminations of Nora Lorraine”. However, the birth of Nora and her short life changed Linda's life forever.

In this Episode

[02:08] Starting from the beginning of Linda’s life.

[03:40] Seeking much-needed help from an alternative medicine doctor.

[08:00] Linda’s start of the paradigm shift and getting involved in acupuncture.

[15:02] The tipping point was Linda’s anger caused by what happened to her mom.

[19:30] Linda started to write after her granddaughter Nora was born with a very rare disease.

[28:36] Her granddaughter’s seizures and problems with her prescribed medication. What finally made the problem better?

[36:58] Linda shares about having an important vision one morning.

[44:28] Researching family DNA to further understand Nora’s condition.

[48:23] What will people take away from reading this book?

[53:50] “You know, we want a quick fix. And that's for a chronic illness, you don't get a quick fix.” - Linda

[54:33] How does Linda stay positive?

[57:16] There were a lot of moments of joy.

About Linda Barbour

Linda Barbour received a B.S. in Biology from Lenoir-Rhyne College (now Lenoir-Rhyne University). She received a B.S. in Health Sciences and an M.S. in Oriental Medicine from Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine. She lives in Georgia with her husband and her cat. Fortunately, her children and grandchildren live close by.

Connect With Linda

510 Candles: The Illuminations of Nora Lorraine

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