Feb. 26, 2021

“Older Women.” Who are we and what are we doing?

Let’s be real here! 
It is my own urning for “life” answers that nudged me forward to create this podcast. Each and every day, women come into my space that I have created in order to share the stories and the lessons that have brought them an understanding and a knowingness of life.  They know where they have been and understand where they are headed.  As I plunge deeper into the rabbit hole of producing Second Wind, there are so many obstacles and concerns, including money.  The cost of sharing the message is BIG. The willingness to invest in my own ability to make this good, I mean REALLY GOOD, make it meaningful and make a REAL difference is enough to cause many “Uncomfortable” conversations with my husband.  

As I navigate the road map for and to success I need to revisit my own advice, my own “knowingness” and the lessons I have learned from the many women who have graced this podcast. I am indeed living the Second Wind daily.  Even though the investment of time and money are overwhelming, I can honestly say that the answers I have been searching for are slowly coming to me through this journey.  For that I am beyond grateful.

It is my goal to let this map take me to all of the destinations needed in order to embrace my purpose, without any preplanned stops along the way.  I am going to take it as it comes, let be what will be but most importantly, I will keep saying “YES” and listening to my inner voice. Not the ego scared one but the intuitive, “know it in your tummy” nudging one. The same voice that has gotten me to write this newsletter on this beautiful morning on this amazing planet full of fascinating women in the Second Half of life!

I continue to be grateful for your support. We’ve got lot’s more to do here!
Wendy Charles Magurie