April 2, 2023

How Riding a bike changed his life with Chris Doane

How Riding a bike changed his life with Chris Doane

Imagine leaving the comforts the corporate world can provide to find and do something greater than yourself. You can find purpose and fulfillment in helping others through dedication, compassion, and having a good heart.

Today’s guest has done just that. He is a gentleman I have known for years from the cycling world. I always wondered, “how is he involved in all these things?!” while smiling and making great connections.

Chris Doane is a Branding and Digital Marketing Director who found his sense of urgency growing as he approached age 40. He believes that we are all born blessed in some way. He feels strongly that if we're not using those blessings to make a positive impact around us, we are wasting something that is God-given. To this day, he continues to be blessed with a lot of energy to serve his purpose.

Through his volunteering at many cycling-based programs, Chris teaches others that the things that seem to cause so much anxiety in life will take a back seat when one's energy goes toward service. He believes that peace and personal satisfaction with life come through embracing a purpose and being relentless about fulfilling it.

He also motivates people to ‘keep showing up’ and continue to pursue their interests, regardless of anyone's looking or recognizing them.

Listen to Chris’ story of why he's chosen to go the path he has.

In this Episode

[01:48] Chris Doane introduces himself.

[05:09] “I am so thrilled to get so much peace and personal satisfaction out of hearing I have reached somebody.” - Chris

[05:47] What happened during Chris’ big shift into his forties?

[10:08] When does finally pursuing a dream or aspiration look like to Chris?

[13:58] Part of Chris’ big leap was starting his marketing advertising agency, Crezent.

[23:49] Chris decides to make cycling a priority and how that translates into starting his  nonprofit.

[25:44] Doing something greater than yourself gives a different type of fulfillment.

[33:17] Why did Chris decide to be an advocate and a starter of local communities and organizations within the cycling community?

[45:09] How does Chris get funding for the Strider Bike program?

[47:53] Where is Chris with leaving behind the corporate life and deciding to live a different sense of purpose?

[53:02] Creating joy and happiness by volunteering.

[57:12] Chris’ mantra that keeps him going.

About Chris Doane

Chris Doane is a Branding and Digital Marketing Director, founder of Crezent, investor, technology driver, growth strategist, and market trend watcher with a diverse background within both for-profit and nonprofit sectors. 

He is a Board Chairman and Advisor who accelerates growth and leverages IT and business best practices to ensure the successful execution of the organizational mission. 

His many key competencies are board and team collaboration, growth and capital funding, VC and PE relationships, community health, tourism, conservation, startup and growth situations, project management, and program development.

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