March 26, 2023

The Earth Holds her Energy and Her Second Wind with Suzanne Conti

The Earth Holds her Energy and Her Second Wind with Suzanne Conti

The Earth Holds Her Energy and Her Second Wind with Suzanne Conti

Today’s guest is Suzanne Conti, a woman who was 45 years in the science lab and has since started a thriving private chef business called The Farmer Can Cook. I can attest it is flipping delicious! I have ordered amazing dishes from there and will continue to do so.

There is way more to her story than a woman who went from the lab to cooking. She lived in an RV with her husband and planted her orchard. She has gone up against the state pest regulation of South Carolina and won and does not want glyphosate and other pesticides on her vegetables and herbs. She's a grandmother like me and just turned 66 with her own private chef business.

With determination and intuition, she skipped retirement and kept moving forward in her second wind.  

In this Episode

[03:01] What inspired Suzanne to start a business when she could have retired?

[08:28] Suzanne shares her experience in becoming a certified organic farmer. 

[12:36] What Suzanne did with her farm and having to go up against the “big wigs.”

[21:00] Is organic farming and finding organic produce in supermarkets getting better? 

[25:48] Suzanne formed her cooking business thanks to growing up eating fabulous food from her mom and Sicilian grandmother on a farm.

[27:56] Suzanne’s intuition and connectedness with food.

[34:10] How did Suzanne find her restaurant location?

[37:23] When did Suzanne decide she wanted to be a private chef?

[44:22] What keeps Suzanne going now?

[51:36] “Don't stand in the way of how your life's evolving. You just can't. You have to let it happen.” - Suzanne 

About Suzanne Conti

Suzanne Conti is The Farmer and the Cook. She bought a farm and realized two things; that she needs to put her hands in the dirt regularly and take what grows into the kitchen to create something delicious.

She comes from European parents and grandparents that did one or the other, but she is the first in her family to have a passion for both farming and cooking. And it makes her the happiest to share it with others.

She owns The Farmer Can Cook, a Private Chef Service that takes place south of Atlanta Georgia serving Fayette, Coweta, and Meriwether Counties, Chattahoochee Hills, and Serenbe.

As a cook, she brings the freshest ingredients from her organic garden, and other local organic sources, to create fabulous custom feasts for you and your guests to enjoy together. If desired, she also stays at your event and does all the cleanup so you can spend your time out of the kitchen entertaining guests and enjoying your party.

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