Oct. 13, 2021

Las Vegas Dancer, Singer To Soap Opera Star, To The Pulpit; Now In Her Second Wind, Cynthia Builds Successful Women From The Ground Up

Las Vegas Dancer, Singer To Soap Opera Star, To The Pulpit; Now In Her Second Wind, Cynthia Builds Successful Women From The Ground Up

Cynthia James had a lot of winning moments in her life, but it wasn’t always like that. She had a rough start growing up, however that became her defining moment - she realized she wanted a better reality.

In between her successes, were failures in between, visions, and intuitions. All these, led her to the woman she is today, a successful transformational coach. From transforming her life, she now helps transform extraordinary women into living their dreams.

In this episode, Cynthia relays her stories of success, failures, spirituality, and the mission to change women’s lives. To be a true Champion for Change.

You're a masterpiece in the making, your own making. - Cynthia

In this episode:

[2:11] In the height of her success, Cynthia suddenly felt uncomfortable and exhausted, and later found out that she had an adrenal challenge.

[3:27] About eight months later, while meditating, she had her inner voice tell her to leave the ministry and get an office. 

[4:42] With prayer and meditation, came the birth of Awe Academy.

[5:18] Her life started rough, but her mom was an advocate of education and did everything to send them to school. It was then that Cynthia realized that that was not the life she wanted.

[7:28] Cynthia excelled in school, and worked while studying in college.

[8:30] An opportunity opened up, in the form of becoming an airline hostess.

[10:17] Cynthia felt like New York was too much for her. She felt like a failure, but that led her to going back home and becoming the Miss Minnesota Universe, 1973.

[14:27] She was also a singer, which opened another opportunity to attend a school for music and acting in Vegas, and eventually working at the MGM Grand.

[17:43] From theatre shows, she eventually landed roles in the big screen.

[19:44] Getting married to an actor to becoming a single mom to two adopted kids.

[21:46] Cynthia was given the opportunity to work for the biggest media company, from being a part time in HR to working for the VP of international sales.

[24:19] Cynthia would get visions while meditating.

[25:07] She was already doing spiritual counseling, and going to the University of Santa Monica to study Master’s in Spiritual Psychology will help build the foundation.

[27:23] A spiritual moment happened to Cynthia while attending a big conference. This pushed her to pursue spiritual counselling.

[32:08] What started as an internal nudge led her to study spirituality and eventually becoming a minister.

[33:46] Meeting Lisa Nichols, a renowned motivational speaker and teacher, and signing up for her $50,000 worth program.

[38:44] Cynthia committed to the program, and was able to earn back the $50,000 after a year. It launched her coaching business, which continued to thrive for the past eight years.

[39:48] Her circumstances and faith as a child, has brought her to where she is now and it also became a part of what she teaches her clients.

[40:34] She started the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs - where women can learn business but also learn how to love and take care of themselves, find their voice, and how to be strong in their faith.

[41:34] Cynthia got remarried to an internationally renowned photographer, and have been together for 26 years now.

[44:03] Spiritual practice is a non negotiable for Cynthia. She starts her day with meditation, prayer, and affirmation. And exercise is part of her routine too.

[3:49] You're a masterpiece in the making, your own making. - Cynthia

About Cynthia James

Cynthia James is a transformational specialist, a wife, a mother, a minister, a television star, a TEDx speaker, and best selling author and the co-founder of the Academy Of Women Entrepreneurs. Cynthia James helps extraordinary women live their dreams!

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