Nov. 30, 2022

How to Create and Make YOUR Vision Board Really Manifest with Laura Eiman

How to Create and Make YOUR Vision Board Really Manifest with Laura Eiman

Life is really hard and it’s not a do-it-yourself program. That's why we all need someone to support us. Every successful person needs people to support them. Be super supportive of somebody you believe in today, and then you certainly will be supported as you're on your journey.

In today’s episode, we are bringing back a special woman, Laura Eiman, our resident mental toughness coach. She will help us know what’s the end game, how to create a vision board that will lead to our end game, and how important boundaries are.

In This Episode

[03:06] Laura teaches women how to think like a Navy SEAL and how to develop the habits of an Olympic athlete, so we can win more in our lives.

[05:29] What’s the end game?

[09:19] What do you want out of this podcast?

[13:44] If you don't have a dream, you’re not going anywhere.

[16:59] We will derail and get attracted by all sorts of things if we don't set boundaries.

[22:52] How does Laura help women with their mindset?

[28:33] How Laura helped one of her clients set boundaries.

[37:52] Everything leads back to our goals and our dreams and our visions. It's our roadmap.

[40:28] What Laura suggests for those people who are just starting in the process of creating a vision.

[47:51] Why do people get stuck implementing strategies while creating the vision board?

About Laura Eiman

Laura Eiman is a certified mental toughness coach, trained by Commander Mark Divine and his team in Carlsbad, CA. A Gold medal Olympic Weightlifter. (Yep, at age 64.). A Successful entrepreneur endorsed by Oprah, Barbara Walters, and Rachael Ray. 22 years off sugar and junk food. She has received 5-star Google reviews for every client and workshop she’s done.

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