Jan. 12, 2022

How Scripting Can Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

How Scripting Can Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Stanton Varnadoe is a successful interior designer and event planner who has been in business since 1978. He has also been involved in other areas of design for the most part of his life. And a huge part of his success he achieved through a form of manifestation, scripting.

Scripting is a technique used in manifestation wherein you put your dreams in writing. Writing in detail about what you want in life, in other words writing your own story.

In this episode, Stan shares with us how scripting can change someone’s life. How to let go of negativities, stay positive, be grateful, and write about the dreams you’ve always wanted. Scripting is all about the law of attraction, and you are the only person who can write your story.

We can't hold on to negative energy. It will destroy you. - Stan

In this episode:

[01:54] Stan talks about his business and what he does.

[02:48] Scripting is about writing your own story.

[03:19] Scripting is not the same as journaling.

[05:02] Writing about the five basic principles in our book which are health and wellness, finances, relationships, dreams, and desires. 

[06:06] Stan started scripting by writing letters to God.

[06:42] Be intentional in being positive and grateful. 

[08:09] Write down what you want, what you desire, and own it.

[09:13] How scripting was manifested in Stan’s life. 

[13:10] Elaborate what you want, put in the details.

[14:01] Respect money. Appreciate what you have, and be grateful.

[16:40] Cancel or disconnect from the negative things in your life, and write about the specifics of what you want, even in your finances.

[21:23] Scripting is about putting it out there and speaking it and living it.

[23:57] We can't hold on to negative energy. It will destroy you. - Stan

[26:10] When we release negative energy, the law of attraction takes over.

[27:51] How to start scripting.

[30:21] The wording is the most important thing.

[31:02] You have to love yourself before you can love anybody. 

[32:35] When you speak to the universe, it’s going to happen.

[34:39] Stan gives back.

[37:45] Scripting is training your mind to what's out there.

[38:33] Everything is energy, and we can use that energy to be positive.

[39:33] Ego is our biggest problem in life.

[41:21] When you’re writing, come up with something realistic.

[43:50] Do not write about the other scenario because that still shows negativity.

[46:08] Scripting about everything keeps Stan motivated.

About Stanton Varnadoe

Stanton Varnadoe is an award winning commercial and residential interior designer, event planner, and the owner of The Look Of Atlanta. He has been in business since 1978 and has been involved in different areas of design for a long time. Stan has also studied scripting, wherein manifesting is done through writing in detail the reality you want to achieve.

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