Dec. 8, 2021

Hey Wait! Who Put My Emotions Into My Wine????

Hey Wait! Who Put My Emotions Into My Wine????

Jennifer Rose was your typical stay at home mom, but through a series of health challenges she knew her life had to change. Jennifer needed a second act.

And like most of everyone else on Second Wind, Jennifer found her calling and her purpose through a series of breadcrumbs and nudges. You may recognize Jennifer, she may be your friend, your neighbor or even you. And as she decided to pull away from gray area drinking, Jennifer dedicated a life that helps other women like her.

In this episode, Jennifer opens up about how deciding to pull away from gray area drinking made an impact in her life, health wise and emotionally. Through Somatic Approach to emotion, Jennifer delves into deep seated emotions as the root cause of alcohol craving. A mission that keeps her going, and continues to give purpose in her life.

 I am exactly where God wants me to be. I am meant to do it, and it’s what makes me go everyday. - Jennifer

In this episode:

[2:53] Jennifer Rose’s alcohol journey started when she was experiencing perimenopause.

[3:09] Jennifer would always get away with the wine o’clock habit, but it all changed when she had health issues. She began to experience sleep deprivation.

[4:47] She didn’t view herself as addicted to alcohol, and only started looking into it when she was beginning to lose sleep.

[5:59] Taking the alcohol away made a huge difference in her sleep, anxiety levels, and her overall health.

[8:53] Understanding yourself personally, knowing why alcohol is in your life, what’s it doing for you, and what you want going forward is critical.

[9:48] Addressing Gray Area Drinking through Somatic Approach to Emotion.

[11:18] Going to the therapist is not the only way to access your emotions. 

[12:12] Trauma doesn’t have to be an enormous event to cause an impact, little traumas can too.

[12:58] Losing your own kind of autonomy to being a stay at home mom.

[14:04] Pulling away from alcohol made Jennifer realize she has to face the issues she had inside.

[16:17]  In order to get through it, I had to express it, I had to release it, I had to move through. - Jennifer

[17:37] From finding someone to coach her, Jennifer became a certified coach herself.

[22:02] Being authentic on social media is important.

[23:25] Alcohol can be a touchy subject for some, and Jennifer felt she needs to be careful to not expose or offend anybody.

[25:45] There’s a lack of conversation about the impact of alcohol in women’s health.

[28:22] Categorizing drinking is different in every individual.

[29:21] How to reach out to Jen on Instagram, and the process of coaching. 

[32:02] Feedback helps Jennifer build a better program.

[34:36] Women have the power to be an influence to the people around her. 

[35:55] To be the best mom, you need to take care of yourself too.

[37:03] I am exactly where God wants me to be. I am meant to do it, and it’s what makes me go everyday. - Jennifer

About Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Rose helps women shift out of the gray area drinking cycle by understanding what drives their cravings, stop using willpower and become their own hero rather than their own worst enemy. 

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