Sept. 15, 2021

Can We Just Stop Overusing The 'Manifest'-Word?

Can We Just Stop Overusing The 'Manifest'-Word?

In our world today, we see success stories all over Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. And naturally, we desire to be where they are, and sometimes end up wanting to follow how they did it. A classic and toxic form of manifestation.

Today, Nikki Brafman, The founder of The School of Manifestation will share to us how to manifest through the four pillars - Assess, Align, Clear, and Manifest. Steps that can lead you to manifesting based on knowing oneself, knowing your needs, and realistic. To get into the subconscious, and learn the deep-seated limiting beliefs that can hinder our manifestations from happening.

Join me, and learn how manifestation and alignment can work together towards achieving your goals, no matter what they are.

I've been put on this earth to learn these lessons. And I've also been put on this earth to teach these lessons. - Nikki

In this episode:

[4:28] Following someone else’s model is a wrong form of manifestation.

[9:44] Traditional manifestation culture is toxic.

[10:53] Traditional manifestation vs. manifestation based on self.

[14:47] Manifest from our subconscious mind.

[15:55] The first pillar is Assessment.

[18:43] The second pillar is Alignment.

[21:41] The third pillar is Clearing. 

[22:42] Our subconscious thoughts and memories are revealed through hypnosis.

[29:25] The fourth pillar is Manifestation.

[34:10] Manifestation and alignment goes together.

[35:54] Women have the tendency to let go of self sovereignty because it’s convenient.

[39:20] We were programmed to be compliant from a very young age.

[41:31] The power of community amplifies our manifestation goals.

[42:43] Manifestation starts with yourself, by knowing what you truly need. 

[47:43] The subconscious belief of being helpless gets you nowhere.

[53:21] I've been put on this earth to learn these lessons. And I've also been put on this earth to teach these lessons. - Nikki

About Nikki Brafman

Nikki Brafman is a leading Manifestation and Human Design Expert. Through the School of Manifestation which she founded, she helps people understand what aligned desire and manifestation mean. Nikki also has her podcast known as The Bridge Work Podcast where conversations about manifesting are shared and talked about.

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