June 30, 2021

But No One Knew...With Heidi Roemer

But No One Knew...With Heidi Roemer

“I remember drinking was great. Because if you drink, you don't have to have any feelings, which you're going through this life of trying to be the perfect person, but you really don't know who you are. So drink. And then you don't have to. So it was such an escape.“

 Heidi Roemer’s story is not an easy one to tell, but I really feel like it's gonna reach out and help a lot of people.

At an early age of 12, she was already looking for ways to deal with  life circumstances. Being exposed to the environment she was in, she left no stone unturned. The death of a family member and a close friend made her think of one solution, suicide. Until that one call for help paves way for better things for her.

In this episode, we cover: 

  • [3:03] A message that will resonate to so many people.
  • [4:42] The turning point, her second wind.
  • [9:56] Heidi realizes there was no cure after a friend’s death.
  • [14:23] A childhood she doesn’t want to remember and her early exposure to alcohol.
  • [22:22] Marrying at 19 and having a baby.
  • [25:42] A God moment that changed her trajectory on a military base.  
  • [28:43] How  simple words could start a change.
  • [33:06] A tough love, a heartbreaking decision can be the best decision.   
  • [47:27] Find what lights your soul on fire.
  • [57:43] Heidi discloses her spiritual connection that allows herself to open up to something bigger than ourselves. 
  • [1:03:17] Heidi’s life now.

 About Heidi 

Heidi Roemer is a mother of two. She's been married for 28 years. And a grandmother of a lovely little boy. She has a story to tell where everyone can connect with. A story that can reach out and help a lot of people.