June 23, 2021

What would you do if you could not fail?

What would you do if you could not fail?

A game changing interview with Jill Hannah Anderson.  From being a business owner to realizing her own 'aha moments' and becoming a most liked author, who loves to chat with book clubs. Juggling a business seven days a week, an  eight to five job, bartending on the side and dreaming of doing a 10 mile run. Why not? 

Jill emphasizes the value of getting rid of that fear of failure. Looking back at our younger selves, a lot of things are going on and we run into a lot of  failures.  Eventually it leads us to accepting it. Hence, it makes us grow and become wiser. Turning each ‘aha moment’ to teach us to accept failure and continue with our goals.

In this episode, Jill will share her story from living in Minnesota with her husband to writing three novels about female friendships. She leaves us with an inspiring statement: Pursue your dreams!

In this episode

  • [3:19]  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  • [4:10] The first AHA moment
  • [7:50] We have tried things they have failed. And we're still standing.
  • [18:20] The lemonade from the lemons. The fodder to her second story.
  • [21:29] Realizing her second aha moment and falling in love with curling.
  • [25:00] Admiring two women and the start of something BIG.
  • [33:06] The game changer in writing.
  • [40:00] The reasons why writers keep writing.
  • [43:21] Imposter syndrome.
  • [49:25] Jill’s second wind.
  • [51:05] Women doing  amazing things later in life. Why not? If not, now, when? Defining your purpose for yourself.
  • [53:27] Keep dreaming and take action. Do something to have it tangible
  • [56:36] Parting words that make a big difference on every woman in the world!

About Jill

Author of three books, working on her fourth, mother and  step mother of six. She's a grandmother of 16, a sister and a really good friend, which is how she began her journey into her first book after a series of aha moments. An advocate to women for pursuing  their dreams, taking actions and never letting time and age hinder from capturing the moment of fulfillment and self-satisfaction.

Jill will leave a remarkable inspiration to every woman out there who had long been wanting to pursue their silenced dreams. She is going to show you that age and time should not restrain you from taking chances all for the love of  yourself.

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Email : Jilla27@gmail.com


Thank you for listening today. I hope that something you heard made you smile, made you think and made you feel these incredible stories empowered, you awakened you or left you feeling inspired.


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