Feb. 28, 2023

This 100% Saved My Life! Researched Secrets YOUR Doctor Won't Tell You! with Morley Robbins

This 100% Saved My Life! Researched Secrets YOUR Doctor Won't Tell You! with Morley Robbins

People are not aware of what modern medicine wants to hide from us. We don’t know or understand many aspects of how energy is made and only have a simple biology class picture of our health and wellness.

What is this big secret? In today’s episode, you will find out how amazing the truth is once you start to pick at the research and the tremendous insights that begin to come forward.

Today’s guest is Morley Robbins, MBA, CHC aka “The Magnesium Man” and he is the creator and founder of The Root Cause Protocol and the Magnesium Advocacy Group. His journey began from being sick of being sick. Morley had been working in mainstream medicine as a hospital executive and consultant for 32 years but he left the world of hospital administration and dove deep down the rabbit hole of real healing.

In July 2009, Morley discovered magnesium upon reading Carolyn Dean’s book “The Magnesium Miracle”. He realized that this was a key piece of the whole health puzzle that virtually no practitioners seemed to be aware of. He was captivated by this mineral and went on to realize that magnesium plays a role in all metabolic systems, and is therefore a contributing factor to nearly all major health issues. 

Today, Morley views it as his life’s work to push back the tides of nutritional insanity and magnesium deficiency in the day-to-day lives of folks who want to feel better. 

Listen to this fun and informative conversation now! Your mind won’t be able to handle all this amazing information.

In this Episode

[03:07] Morley recognizes Mother Nature and all that she gives to us.

[04:30] The history behind Morley Robbins and the start of his journey toward the benefits of magnesium.

[13:54] The dark side that no one knows about pharmaceuticals.

[15:46] What did Morley discover during his research about health and wellness?

[20:56] It took years to connect the dots between magnesium and iron and oxygen.

[22:42] Mastering the art of the simple question and finding the cause of our ailments.

[27:43] Explaining how we are all made up of cells and every cell has energy. 

[30:08] Why don’t we talk more about the benefits of copper?

[33:28] Did we create more problems by ignoring a way to solve different ailments and diseases?

[36:16] “The liver is this grand central station of monitoring what's going on with the body.” - Morley

[40:29] Morley’s kitchen analogy explains modern medicine’s process for human wellness.

[43:33] How did Morley take all of his research and turn it into the Root Cause Protocol? 

[48:17] Stop taking the wrong vitamins!

[54:39] How does the Root Cause Protocol help those that typically have many ailments at once?

[58:47] Read what you're buying at the grocery store.

[01:01:13] Morley didn't set out to disrupt the medical field and why what he is teaching is not being embraced.

[01:05:13] Why Morley recommends donating blood.

[01:10:45] How does Morley get all of this information out there? Especially while defying modern medicine.

[01:16:46] How can people start educating themselves on Morley’s research findings and teachings?

[01:21:40] Shifting your belief system about what's possible in wellness and the misinformation about Lyme disease.

[01:26:09] “This is a really big deal, folks. Copper runs the body.” - Morley

[01:28:09] Being willing to be the “black sheep” and “go against the grain”.

About Morley Robbins

Morley Robbins, MBA, CHC is the creator and founder of The Root Cause Protocol and the Magnesium Advocacy Group. Morley received his BA in Biology from Denison University in Ohio and holds an MBA from George Washington University in healthcare administration. Morley has trained in wellness coaching, nutritional counseling, and functional diagnostic nutrition.

He is also known as the Magnesium Man due to his extensive research into and understanding of magnesium’s role in the body. Morley’s research saw him deciphering the intricate relationship between magnesium, iron, copper, and calcium as a way to free ourselves from illness and disease. As a certified health coach with expertise in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), Morley has performed thousands of RCP one-on-one consultations, helping people feel better by getting to the root cause of their symptoms. 

He is now committed to ending the epidemic of magnesium deficiency that is plaguing health and well-being across the globe while flagging the significance of excess iron and a lack of bioavailable copper in the body.

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