Nov. 9, 2022

Recreating Himself Created The Need To Serve Others Through Fitness...And Wendy Is Going To Give It A Try!

Recreating Himself Created The Need To Serve Others Through Fitness...And Wendy Is Going To Give It A Try!

We try to fit in so much with everyone, just to look cool or to keep up with the trend. Sometimes fitting in means forgetting who you really are and what you really want, which ends up destroying yourself. So, instead of trying to fit in, we should try to improve ourselves, discover our own happiness, and push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. We’ll see lots of limitless opportunities knocking on our doors.

In today’s episode, we have invited Damion Bankhead, the owner of Be Your Own Boss Fitness. Damion will share how he went from being bullied in his high school years, to becoming an established fitness coach.

In This Episode

[05:49] Damion got into fitness as a result of heartbreak.

[09:13] Nobody recognized him after he returned back from the army.

[12:36] Damion used working out as therapy when he was working as a detective.

[17;56] Try to make yourself do something uncomfortable every single day because that's what makes you grow and builds your confidence.

[18:29] Damion’s motivational videos are his way of motivating himself.

[24:12] How did Damion come up with Be Your Own Boss Fitness and the age group he wants to work with?

[27:41] There's a new type of exercise invented every month, this is Damion’s approach to trends.

[30:32] Being overweight is sometimes hereditary, but most of the time it's due to habits.

[31:03] One of the biggest excuses Damion hears is “it's so expensive to live healthy”, but what's really expensive is the hospital bill.

[40:15] Even when you're losing weight, you still have to eat enough.

[42:27] If you're not taking care of yourself, you can't take care of someone else.

[43:17] One of Damion's clients, Tim, who was overweight and on diabetic medication, lost 65 pounds after working with him.

[50:56] Most of Damon’s clients are not looking for the perfect body anymore. They just want to live healthy lifestyles.

[59:32] No one really knows what you need to hear except for you.

About Damion Bankhead

Damion Bankhead is the founder of Be Your Own Boss Fitness, a Certified Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker, Army Veteran, and prior Law Enforcement. You might have seen him featured on, several fitness platforms, and health/fitness blogs!

Damion hasn't always been in the best shape. He was actually malnourished. His brothers teased him all the time because you could literally see his heartbeat rise and fall in his chest. He truly changed his own life.

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