March 9, 2022

It All Came To A Head On New Year's Eve

It All Came To A Head On New Year's Eve

Many of us go through rough times in our lives. And sometimes we end up looking for ways to numb the pain. For Deb Podlogar, alcohol became her companion during these dark times.

Deb is a mother, a wife, who through a series of events became sober curious. Known as on Instagram, Deb has been sober for almost a year and has been sharing her journey, her fabulous mocktail recipes and alcohol free drink recommendations.

In this episode, Deb shares with us how she woke one morning feeling she had enough, and decided to break her relationship with alcohol. On New Year’s Eve of 2021, was the first day she was completely free from alcohol. As she goes through healing and sobriety, Deb found a way to serve others. Through sharing many non-alcoholic options and an unlimited number of delicious drinks to enjoy, she proves to us that you don’t need alcohol to have fun.

You can still have fun and still have wonderful things to drink, and your life is only going to get better. - Deb

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