Nov. 16, 2022

I Could See When I Finally Took A Deep Breath with Laura McCann of Adoratherapy

I Could See When I Finally Took A Deep Breath with Laura McCann of Adoratherapy

Take a deep breath and really see and adore your inner self and show the world what you really are and what you're capable of.

In today’s episode, Laura McCann will share her entrepreneurial journey. We also talk about how she had to deal with relationship issues, how she came up with her products, and being able to create a product that helps to heal people.

In This Episode

[05:34] How Laura got into the business.

[05:55] Who is Laura and how did she start off in fashion?

[10:34] How can I adore myself? 

[10:54] Laura’s second wind.

[15:10] At 28, she started her company with a business partner.

[16:52] Laura left her old company and started a software company in 2000.

[28:18] She went to a party and met her new co-founder.

[29:57] One of the things Laura had to heal, through all of her business journeys, is the partnership because it usually fails.

[32:56] Everything seems to happen for a reason.

[37:14] How did Laura decide to use oils as her products?

[43:16] Laura uses software to do an aura reading, which shows your chakras.

[48:51] The software is called Aura Cloud, and this is how it works.

[01:05:00] We hear ourselves, the conscious and subconscious, as well as the unspoken and unconscious.

[01:09:00] What keeps Laura going?

About Laura McCann

Laura McCann is a well-rounded leader, with a proven record of success in Beauty, Fashion, and Technology. As a serial entrepreneur, Laura founded Fashion Express, IPO international, Zweave, and WYSWYGllc. At her latest venture, Adoratherapy, Laura is the "Chief Mood Booster". 

Adoratherapy is a Vertical Aroma-perfume brand disrupting the aromatherapy category. The company sells online, wholesale, and in its own store based in Asheville, North Carolina.

A Tory Burch Fellow and winner of the Western Woman Small Business award, Laura is a seasoned Consumer Product veteran who goes beyond perfume to make an impact. An early member of EO, Laura was president of the NY Chapter and a board member, and chair of the 1st NY University. Laura is active in mentoring women. She is an ambassador for Deal gateway.

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