Nov. 23, 2022

How to Create Ways To Find Your AWESOMENESS With Melissa Oatman

How to Create Ways To Find Your AWESOMENESS With Melissa Oatman

“Things fall apart so that they can come back together, and become a better version. We're allowed to be healed and made more beautiful than ever before, but sometimes we have to be broken open to take a step back and realize what went wrong, and what we have to do to find who we truly are.”

In today’s episode, we have invited Melissa Oatman, host of Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness. She will share how her trajectory changed, and show you that behind the darkest parts of your life you can still attract amazing things that will keep you motivated and move forward.

In This Episode

[04:22] Melissa divorced her husband, because of his abusive and toxic behavior.

[05:58] Melissa had to support her kids, so she applied as a substitute teacher and a student at the same time. After a year, she had her teaching degree, which changed her whole trajectory.

[08:02] She started listening to a podcast about spirituality and self-improvement, and she took a spirituality boot camp, which really helped her to attract wonderful and amazing things in her life.

[10:04] Melissa had a reading and was told that she was supposed to be doing spiritual work.

[11:02] Melissa is a very empathic person, and the way she connected with people was through their feelings.

[13:20] She got curious about it and took her first Reiki course. 

[16:20] Melissa wrote a book called “Beautifully Broken” where she shares her story of surviving a divorce and putting her life back together.

[19:27] How does she manage to stay motivated, doing all these different things?

[21:48] One of the things that she was working on the most was learning who she was and learning to trust herself.

[29:12]  It's important to learn how to shield yourself from all of the energy of other people’s emotions.

[40:44] Melissa keeps saying to herself: what you're doing matters, and that what you're doing is helping, so keep going.

[41:33] Trying to find our purpose, our passion, and our path is enough to keep us going.

About Melissa Oatman

Melissa Oman is a mother of twins, a teacher, an author, and a podcast host, as well as a transformational coach, Reiki practitioner, and intuitive healer. She is the real deal and her podcast, Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness, is full of information and guidance for all of us, especially those of us in our second wind.

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