Oct. 12, 2022

How Healing Really Is A Hands On Approach With Dr. April Warhola

How Healing Really Is A Hands On Approach With Dr. April Warhola

This is a podcast episode I have been waiting to record and share. Dr.April Warhola is a Chiropractor by trade. However, what she offers to her clients and those simply in her space is true healing. There is an energy that April has and can deliver. She “reads” our bodies and clears pathways for communication within her patient's systems in order to heal.

Dr. April grew up within a family of Chiropractic Doctors with different styles and expertise. As a child, Getting adjusted is what kept her family healthy. They did not need conventional Doctors. Runny nose, ear infection, headache, sore ankle? Get on the chiropractic table.

Dr. April didn’t really know that how her family was healing was so different until she saw firsthand when her girlfriends all started menstruating. They would carry around the Tylenol and complain of cramps and headaches. Funny, April did not have any of those symptoms.

April always had an intuitive and empathetic side that quite often made her feel like an outcast. She just did not fit in and felt it. But all kids want to fit in, especially as we go through high school and college so, April abandoned her real true self and covered it up to try to be something and somebody she was not. She always wanted to help people but thought studying to be a Lawyer would get her there in the best and most conformist way.

After a professor had her “try it out” on the weekends in the courthouse, she had her aha moment when she realized, sitting inside and being part of the public defender world was not true to her sprint, the one she had shoved down. It was time to peel away the layers and honor her talents.

Switching majors, April became a Doctor of Chiropractic. April also works with and is certified/licensed in working with animals.

The stories she shares in this episode about a couple of animal cases will make you tear up for sure!

What sets April apart is her fascination with the body, its own energy, and its ability to heal itself. She is always studying new information within this subject and integrating real techniques into her practice. Add the fact that she has intuitive abilities and truly open communication with nature, and April is a true healer.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it, and I hope you decide to look into ways to allow your body to heal on its own. Our bodies are designed to do just that!

About Dr. April Warhola

Dr. April Warhola is a certified member of the ICPA, a member of LifeForce 1000, a member of Café of Life International, a member of IVCA, and a Certified Animal Chiropractor. She served on chiropractic mission trips: in 2008 independently to the Dominican Republic; in 2011 with AdjustWorld in Brazil; staff member for MLS seminars; training in MLS seminars; BGI, ICPA, Tao of Chiropractic and Standard Process; and Adjunct Faculty Member for the P.E.A.K program at Life University. She has been the owner chiropractor of Café of Life Grant Park in Atlanta, GA since October 2009.

She manages and runs a successful business with recent expansion, provides quality family chiropractic care to her community, provides quality chiropractic care for animals, and creates community healing experiences through fitness, yoga, acupuncture, Reiki, massage therapy, and energy healing, she is also a nutrition consultant, sponsor of local community events and a speaker and educator.

In this Episode

[01:34] Dr. April Warhola's introduction.

[03:36] I'm giving very specific input into the nervous system and acknowledging where there has been stored trauma or pain or disease or discomfort, or where there's imbalance or dissonance in the system.

[5:36] April shares how she started and how she became who she is now in the medical field.

[10:22]She was rebellious about becoming a chiropractor in college because she thought it was expected because she comes from a family of chiropractors.

[11:51] She explored veterinary medicine but couldn't figure out how to do that holistically, so she decided to write a book about chiropractic and be a lawyer instead.

[12:50] She was asked by a professor to visit the courtroom and observe, but after spending two Saturdays there for a few hours, she realized she didn't want to spend the rest of her life in the courtroom.

  • [13:22] The light bulb clicked and I was like, you know what? I am a chiropractor.

[14:06] Her dog got into an accident, and that’s the first time she knew a chiropractor could work with animals.

[16:43] April’s chiropractic journey starts at the age of 22.

[21:15] I've never marketed a day in my life.

[21:53] Talking about April’s gift, she says that every time she ignores it she becomes self-destructive, but the moment she connects with it, everything falls into place.

[24:41] When working with anyone, April asks for an extensive history of the person, and that will build their relationship to understand how that person's nervous system functions.

[31:25] As I'm searching and exploring somebody's nervous system, a lot of what I'm picking up is high frequency versus a very low deep frequency.

[34:06] How April uses chiropractic through babies.

  • [35:24]  I just free the system of anything interfering with that baby system from knowing and just doing exactly what it's supposed to.

[40:49] There are physical, emotional, and metabolic stressors that happen in animals in the same way as they happened in people.

[41:39] The story of how April cured a paralyzed dachshund.

[44:34] Another amazing story of how she cured a woodpecker that she thought was dead.

[53:27] There was one woman that had a traumatic experience with women in her life, and April was able to heal her.

[58:02] April's choice of living on the farm and bonding with animals is one of the things that keeps her going as well as healing and helping other people.

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