Feb. 10, 2021

How Being Open and Going with the Current of Life Shows You Purpose

How Being Open and Going with the Current of Life Shows You Purpose

In this episode, we invite Ola Stasiak-Brough, M.A. to tell us all about Imago and how it opened her eyes to a whole new perspective on love and relationships. Find out how she discovered Imago as she lets us in on her life journey, from living in Poland to being in fashion to helping couples dissolve problems in their lives. Learn how you too can let go and follow the currents of life by listening to Ola’s colorful life experiences! 



  • What is Imago?  
  • How Ola discovered Imago. 
  • The impact Imago had on Ola’s practice and personal life. 
  • Who is Imago for and how will it help? 
  • Growing up in Poland and leaving it all behind. 
  • Embracing and trusting in your discomfort. 



“Sometimes I don't just ask why. I just do what the universe is providing me with.” 45:17 



Visit the Imago Relationships website at https://imagorelationships.org/

Any questions? Email Ola at Ola@Loverelatecommunicate.com

Making Marriage Simple by Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt: https://www.amazon.com/Making-Marriage-Simple-Relationship-Saving-Truths/dp/0770437141


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