Jan. 20, 2021

Getting Your House in Order with Dr. Joe Esposito - Well That Makes Sense!

Getting Your House in Order with Dr. Joe Esposito - Well That Makes Sense!

In this episode, we invite special guest Dr. Joe to tell you why you shouldn’t resign to your so-called fate as you hit your middle life. Learn how to adjust your life habits as you age, what Dr. Joe’s recommended supplements are for optimum health, and even how to spice up your libido and sex life! It’s never too late to change your body from the inside out. There’s no need to look back and ask yourself, ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?’ Tune in to this episode and start now! 



  • What happens when you get to your mid-life? 
  • Watching what you eat - what to eat and what to avoid. 
  • Caring for your digestive system: enzymes, nutrition, and the gut. 
  • How to fix both physical and chemical problems in your body. 
  • What is the food-sex connection? 
  • How to strengthen your gut-brain connection.
  • Intermittent fasting: how should you do it? 



“Our digestive system is so important because that's where we absorb nutrients, we pass out our waste products, and 80% of our immune system is in our digestive system.”

“I'm not against drugs. I think it's fascinating. If you need it, take it. But if we can fix it without it, let's do it that way first.”



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