Jan. 27, 2021

From A Cancer Diagnosis To The White House, All To Keep Kids Moving with Kathleen Tullie

From A Cancer Diagnosis To The White House, All To Keep Kids Moving with Kathleen Tullie

Kathleen Tullie is a mother, co-founder of the BOKS Kids program, and so much more! Driven by a strong passion to keep children healthy, happy, and smart, Kathleen has transformed the lives of many children through the BOKS Kids program. In this episode, Kathleen shares with us her journey with BOKS Kids and how a cancer diagnosis radically changed her outlook on life. Join in on their conversation as they discuss the rise of obesity and mental health issues among children, and what needs to be done to eradicate these problems in school and at home. 



  • Kathleen’s second wind.  
  • The story of BOKS Kids.
  • What is BOKS Kids, what do they do, and who is it for? 
  • Adjusting to COVID measures. 
  • BOKS Kids and Special Needs. 
  • Keeping children healthy in school and at home. 



“When are we going to get to the point where we realize that health and wellness are more important than academics or anything else? Because I know I say all the time, you don't build a house without a strong foundation.”

“Sometimes just a little idea at the right time with the right people can turn into something. So I just would say to people to follow your passion. Don't take no for an answer.”



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