June 29, 2022

Fixing Others Isn’t The Answer, Loving Yourself First Is

Fixing Others Isn’t The Answer, Loving Yourself First Is

Naturally, women are loving, caring, and selfless. And sometimes, we even put ourselves last. But, what happens when we lose ourselves in the process?

Julie Scott was that woman for a long time. She would always put others first before herself. Eventually, resentment built within her and found herself lost and afraid. She was always trying to fix everyone around her but she couldn’t fix herself.

In this episode, Julie shares her journey of how she found herself through choosing self-love and acceptance. And how she got through divorce and life’s pretensions and finally be truly happy living the life she wanted. A life-changing experience and transformation she now uses as a life coach to inspire other women in their journey of finding who they are.

In this episode:

[02:34] Julie’s pivotal moment and her second wind was when her marriage blew up.

[03:53] She realized that she had been pretending to be happy for decades. She was always a people pleaser and she realized she was important too. 

[06:10] From childhood to adulthood, with every relationship she gets into, she would always want to be the center of their universe to make her feel valuable.

[09:54] Who is Julie Scott?

[12:50] Slowly, Julie was losing herself in her marriage. For a long time, she was always trying to fix everyone.

[16:34] Driven by guilt for having an affair, she would still see her husband after the divorce.

[18:38] It took her a while to find herself again. Through workouts, yoga, and meditation, she found her portal into clarity in her life.

[21:38] Julie met a woman in a yoga retreat who ended up becoming her life coach.

[23:23] How Julie got into bodybuilding and joined a bikini competition at 50.

[26:18] Joining the bikini competition resolved her body image issues and gave her back her self-esteem and confidence.

[28:01] From having a good-paying job in sales, Julie jumped to being a life coach.

[31:32] How Julie had her first client.

[36:39] Julie asked the universe for a sign to write a book. 52 hours later, she got her sign.

[41:35] Julie’s five-step method to coaching.

[48:06] When you’re going through a downward spiral, start asking yourself questions that will lead you to possibilities to climb up the spiral.

[50:18] When her clients find true transformation, Julie knows she’s serving her purpose.

[53:25] Coaching women reinvention in their 50’s.

[50:18] When we get frustrated and angry, we feel we don't have any choices, but we always have choices. And it's just about doing what's right for you. - Julie

About Julie Scott

Julie's mission is to help mature women prioritize their needs and gain confidence so they can stop worrying about "being enough" and start living life. By learning to trust in themselves, the wisdom of their bodies and their worth, women free themselves and embrace the aging process with ease, optimism, and strength. It feels good to be confident, and Julie helps her clients feel good about themselves in mind, body, and spirit.

After years of struggling with body image, people-pleasing, and over-giving, Julie learned to uncover beliefs and patterns that held her back. She has turned her life around and is now more confident than ever.

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