Sept. 21, 2022

Fear: A Battle Of Self-trust With Janine Valentine

Fear: A Battle Of Self-trust With Janine Valentine

The fear of trusting is always inside us especially when we feel alone in facing life's challenges.

Do you fear being alone?

Janine Valentine discussed in our previous episode how she found confidence when her husband left her, where she threw herself into her fears, overcame them, and built her own business. But something happened on her vacation of a lifetime.

In today’s episode, Janine Valentine will talk about how she encountered another huge challenge: being infected by COVID-19 and how she realized that she always fears trusting in herself.

She shared a poem with us on the previous podcast. I suggest you listen to it. It's called “Heights”. Now she re-found her own gift for writing and poetry and she wrote a book entitled “Both things are true: A journey from fearing trust to trusting fear”.

In This Episode

[03:39] We repeat lessons, but it isn't like on the flat plane, we repeat lessons in a spiral upwards.

[03:59] In September 2021, Janine went on a vacation with 11 of her friends, she describes it as a spectacular vacation where she was the only one who tested positive among their group.

[06:00] Janine did the second test but was still positive, her friends are ready to fly out so she doesn't have a choice, she was told to lie to book accomodations, and problems just came in at that time.

  • Her card is unusable since the place she’s staying at only accepts cash.
  • The room was full of bugs. She was getting bug bites all over and woke up symptomatic with no food or water.
  • She went to the market and luckily her card was accepted. 

[10:37] Janine had to go down 52 spiral steps to be able to reach the front desk if she needed help, and no one knew she was sick.

[14:39] There was a man who owned a restaurant next door to where Janine stayed, he authorized her credit card and Janine ordered two meals because she was so hungry.

[15:19] Janine breaks quarantine for the second time to go and sit outside, she makes sure no one is outside and she saw a log and ended up using that log as a little sacred space to work through all her head stuff.

[16:37] On the eighth day, Janine saw a group of women in the middle of the day and they were still in their full burkas with black gloves and shoes, and it's just their eyes showing, and Janine realizes a lot:

  • She realized after her divorce that she had been suppressed. 
  • “It turns out I didn't trust myself and I had never learned how to trust myself.”
  • She imagined she was out there letting her burka float down to the floor of the sea and she felt buoyant, she realized that she’s been wearing this weight that she doesn’t have to.

[22:51] Janine shares that her problems were never resolved when she was embodying fear, and that fear consumes and pulls us down.

[29:02] Janine had written a poem she called “A love letter to the sea”, so she ended up finishing the poem while in quarantine and shifted that into “I met me by the sea” which she added to her book.

About Janine

Janine is a planner at heart. Having things organized, efficient, and well thought out matters to her. She has multiple processes and systems in place to organize your transactions and files and keep things running smoothly from contract to close.

Janine is now an author (published in 2020 as a contributing author in a book by and for female entrepreneurs, and currently writing a book that has been rising inside her for many years). She also created The Ultimate TC Masterclass to guide others on how to launch and run their own successful business in this exciting and growing field.

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