Nov. 2, 2022

Disconnecting The Identity From The Job Was Step 1 For Keyana Laws And Vivian's Southern Treats

Disconnecting The Identity From The Job Was Step 1 For Keyana Laws And Vivian's Southern Treats

What is more rewarding? Is it a career that can sustain you financially or a career that gives you peace of mind?

There’s a risk in changing careers, but knowing that risks are a fundamental part of career progression, can be a motivating factor for us to take the leap, embracing fear, using it to our advantage by exploring exactly what could go wrong and finding solutions.

In today’s episode, Keyana Laws tell her story. She was a lawyer, who bravely shifted into being a baker of vegan and gluten-free desserts. She will share her interesting turnaround story and what she sees as the next step for her business.

In This Episode

[03:12] Keyana transitioned from being a lawyer for many years to baking gluten-free and vegan desserts.

[05:46] Why change her career trajectory?

[13:40] How Keyana used journaling to make a decision about her career change.

[14:12] Relocating to Atlanta, work-life balance and rediscovered her love of baking and cooking. Keyana started Vivian’s Southern Treats.

[19:15] How Keyana got into gluten-free baking.

[20:21] The next step for Vivian’s Southern Treats.

[23:54] Keyana’s childhood.

[34:46] Reasons to get into law.

[37:25] The starting years of Vivian’s Southern Treats.

[42:21] The next stage.

[57:36] What keeps Keyana going every day?

[59:36] Not wanting to live a life of regret.

About Keyana Laws

Keyana Laws have been a lawyer for many years. She switched careers and started to bake gluten-free desserts and sell them. She established Vivian’s Southern Treats in metro Atlanta in 2019.

Vivian’s Southern Treats is a baking business providing mouth-watering vegan desserts that perfectly complement a healthier, plant-based lifestyle. You won’t find any box mixes, preservative-laden fillings, or prepackaged frostings in their kitchen.

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Keyana Laws

We love when Market Wagon farmers get to share their story! Keyana Laws, owner of Vivian's Southern Treats, was recently featured on Second Wind the Podcast. She shared how she switched careers from being a lawyer to becoming a full-time baker of vegan and gluten-free desserts. You can order her delicious goodies throughout Metro Atlanta. Her #1 bestseller remains the Sweet Potato Pie!