Sept. 15, 2022

You Cannot Reach the Highest of Highs Without Feeling the Lowest of Lows with Janine Valentine [re-release]

You Cannot Reach the Highest of Highs Without Feeling the Lowest of Lows with Janine Valentine [re-release]

When will it be the day that you'll start to fly?

Why are we afraid of falling? Why are we afraid of being alone? These questions always come to our minds. Even just imagining the thought of being alone and falling already scares us.

Janine spent countless years molding herself to someone else’s needs and wants. And so when life took a turn and she was faced with a divorce, Janine was forced to answer the age-old question, ‘who am I?’ Little did she know that her life was only just about to begin.

Find out how she came out stronger than ever after battling with an identity crisis and even suicidal thoughts after her marriage had ended. I want you to listen to it again because next week we will have a new episode with Janine again because she just wrote a book that’s called “Both things are true: A journey from fearing trust to trusting fear”

Learn how to embrace and follow your fears just like how she did to find her true path in life. This is an episode you do not want to miss - tune in now!

In this Episode

[03:50] Janine went through a divorce after 29  and a half years of marriage which she didn’t see it coming and that’s when she realized she want to start her own business.

[05:04] Janine retreat her plan B and left her job and used her emergency fund to live with it for 6 months.

[05:32]  “I decided to believe in myself that much and that was a pivot point for me”-Janine. She now has a successful company which is PTC Services.

[07:40] Janine shares her life story, how she ended up getting married at 19, and her experiences with her husband.

  • The reason why Janine and her husband divorced.
  • Janine and her ex-husband got back together and stayed married for another 19 years where she completely lost herself and lived with her husband's preferences.
  • Her husband wants her to make sure the kitchen is clean when he returns from home and wants Janine to wear makeup on despite her being a mom of two at that time.

[14:51] One of Janine’s friends asked her what she liked to eat or drink, to which she don’t have an answer. She doesn’t know what she likes anymore.

[16:02]  “I didn't feel capable of being alone and I would've done anything to stay in that marriage because it felt like my safety zone.”

[19:30] Janine finally decided to give up their marriage and moved out of their apartment and she crumpled on the floor realizing that she is now alone.

[19:57] A few months later Janine was becoming numb and she started a job internationally, but she become suicidal at that moment.

[21:58] The biggest turning point of Janine's life started, she crawled and got on the floor of the shower and turned on the water, and felt her edges for lack of a better way to put it.

  • Janine switched jobs and got her PNC License and went to work for an insurance company.
  • Started finding out her value that she is skilled and had a great group of friends, and she’s now ready for what’s next.

[26:56] Janine find out about Real Estate Transaction Management without any idea about real estate.

[32:40] I did have more to give and I just had to be in that place where I didn't have a backup plan to catch me to motivate myself enough to do the thing that was terrifying to me, you know, to really put myself out there to be visible, to really go for it and try to sign clients.

[37:38] Janine signed up for a poetry workshop and starts sharing it and she received a lot of feedback.

[40:18] “Heights”, a poem written by Janine Valentine.

  • The fear is not of being up high, being up high, actually amplifies where the root of the fear lies. 
  • We work to be the best only to then fear being put to the test. And falling having our best bested being replaced, imposter syndrome, outed being disgraced.
  • The truth of this life is that if we retype, we potentially fall, the fear of these falls holds us back from being outstanding.
  • Let go, and climb that mountain, achieve elevation. Falling is not dying. It's the prerequisite for flying

About Janine

“The next level of Transaction Management for your real estate business: I am a Transaction Concierge. This best expresses the level of service I provide to real estate agents and their Buyers/Sellers.”- Janine Valentine

Janine is a planner at heart. Having things organized, efficient, and well thought out matters to her. She has multiple processes and systems in place to organize your transactions and files and keep things running smoothly from contract to close.

Janine is now an author (I was published in 2020 as a contributing author in a book by and for female entrepreneurs, and I'm currently writing a book that has been rising inside me for many years). She also created The Ultimate TC Masterclass to guide others on how to launch and run their own successful business in this exciting and growing field.

Connect with Janine

Website: Here
LinkedIn: Here
Masterclass: Here
Facebook: Here

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