Dec. 23, 2020

Why Listening To Your Intuition Can Lead You On A Very Interesting Journey

Why Listening To Your Intuition Can Lead You On A Very Interesting Journey

In this episode, we invite soul alignment specialist Lea Beth Barker-LaDue to share her personal breakthroughs, life lessons, and self-discoveries with us. Find out how she followed her instincts and made the jump in careers from being in real estate to doing spiritual work. It was no easy feat overcoming her self doubt on her capabilities as a soul aligner, but she overcame them and took a leap of faith anyway. So how did she do it? Listen in to uncover her secrets to life and the lessons she learned from her past experiences. We hope her story inspires you to believe in your own divinity so you can start listening to your intuition more and carve your own special journey in life!



  • How Lea switched careers and what pushed her to do so.
  • What goes into a reading and how Lea prepares for hers.
  • Amnesia: Why can’t I remember when I entered this Earth? 
  • Working Solo: What keeps Lea pushing onwards. 
  • Reading and Counselling: How Lea empowers people through her work. 



“Our lives are meant to be easy, fun, and joyful instead of all this drudgery that we have heaped onto ourselves.”

“When you're ready, a teacher will come.”



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