Dec. 1, 2021

"Why Don't You Just Start By Taking Pictures?"

"Why Don't You Just Start By Taking Pictures?"

Leticia Andrade has spent most of her life caring for the people she loves. But along the way, she found herself lost and without a purpose. Until a phone call with her sister changed everything…

She realized she needed a change in her life. And she found that change in her love of photography. Today, she captures the beauty of confidence and self-value in the women she photographs. Not only did she find her passion, but she also found herself.

In this episode, Leticia shares her journey of finally finding her life’s purpose. A story that resonates with so many women, that finding what you love is never late. It can still happen, you just need to take that first step.  You can still find your second wind.

We're not perfect. Nobody's perfect, but we’re good. - Leticia

In this episode:

[3:14] Growing up in Brazil, Leticia was reserved and didn’t feel good or smart enough, which went on until she had a family of her own.

[5:40] At 42 years old, she was unhappy and she knew she wanted to do something for herself, but she didn’t know what. Until her sister advised her to ask herself the question - What do you love to do?

[6:55] She realized her love of photography is what she wanted to do. That began her second wind.

[9:17] The culture and faith she grew up in influenced how she turned out as an adult.

[11:43] Leticia worked for her dad at 14 years old.

[12:49] While working for her dad taught her to be a professional, working for free took away her sense of self value.

[15:13] Getting married at a young age and flying to the US for the first time.

[16:37] Being away from everyone was difficult for Leticia.

[18:41] Leticia felt empowered being a working woman, but had to give that up when she became a mom and moved back to Brazil for her husband’s job.

[22:23] For the majority of their marriage, Leticia had always followed her husband. She lost who she was as a person and her purpose in life.

[23:55] A phone call with her sister gave her direction towards who she wants to be.

[26:23] Leticia always felt she wasn’t enough.

[27:50] She started taking landscape pictures.

[28:56] Being open to change and opportunities.

[32:47] Deciding to go to the photography conference changed the way she sees herself and life in general. 

[34:00] By summer of 2016, Leticia found her passion in portrait photography.

[37:06] For the first time, she learned how to be brave. 

[38:51] Setting up a photography studio in her home.

[41:30] In 2019, Leticia wrote a letter to herself.

[42:20] Surrounding herself with the right people.

[45:05] Manifesting what she wrote in the letter. 

[47:59] Believing that she can do anything she puts her heart into.

[49:05] Believing in yourself is the first step to change, and your dreams.

[52:14] Creating a comfortable environment and knowing her clients before the shoot results in beautiful photos.

[55:47] Self-care brings out the best in you. 

[58:55] Doing something for yourself is not selfish.

[1:03:35] We're not perfect. Nobody's perfect, but we’re good. - Leticia

About Leticia Andrade

Leticia Andrade is a portrait photographer based in Peachtree City, Georgia. She was born and raised in the mountains outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Leticia moved to the US in the early 90s where she studied Art History at Syracuse University.

In 2016 Leticia Andrade Photography was born. Today her studio invites women of all ages and walks of life, to celebrate their power and beauty throughout the portrait experience.

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