Jan. 25, 2023

Who We Are Being is Way More Important Than What We Are Doing with Stephanie Hess

Who We Are Being is Way More Important Than What We Are Doing with Stephanie Hess

“Be like the ocean. Let life roll in. And if you're not loving something, just let it roll back out. Let it roll off back out to sea.” Stephanie Hess

Today’s guest is Stephanie Hess, a former Fortune 500 success turned business coach, mentor, rule breaker, trusted advisor, feminine leadership crusader, and a brand new mother.

What I love about Stephanie is not only does she believe in the idea of a greater energy force, she harnesses this to connect to and guide her clients. And her tagline is “where the work meets the woo.” Her beautiful soul helps people tap into their potential to create the life they really want and how that can integrate into a successful business life.

Listen to this episode and feel a calming, grounded energy as well as Stephanie’s thoughtfulness and genuineness.

In this Episode

[01:51] Stephanie shares a really interesting moment of clarity that brought her to her second wind.

[04:33] How did Stephanie know she needed to get into coaching?

[08:14] The way Stephanie overcame her struggles.

[10:40] Even though she had success and great privileges, Stephanie did not feel nourished.

[13:20] Stephanie’s rock bottom moment led to a revelation.

[15:40] Lessons learned from the book Patriarchy Stress Disorder: The Invisible Inner Barrier to Women's Happiness and Fulfillment by Dr. Valerie Rein

[17:25] Although Stephanie was climbing the ladder of success, it was really a man's world and she was consumed with masculine energy.

[20:47] “How can we bring in more of the feminine right now? Because clearly the way we've been doing things as a society, as a culture. It's really not working that well anymore. - Stephanie

[24:55] Stephanie’s spiritual evolution.

[28:41] What brought Stephanie to being the coach she is now?

[33:45] What does Stephanie offer her coaching clients?

[35:58] Where is Stephanie now on her journey?

[39:20] How is being a new mom influencing Stephanie in her career?

[41:19] What does “the woo meeting, the work, work meeting, the woo” look like?

[43:52] How Stephanie stays motivated and going.

[46:50] Stephanie’s mantra and wake-up ritual.

[49:20] Letting go and being present with what's now in front of you and making the most of it.

[49:55] Who we are being is way more important than what we are doing.

About Stephanie Hess

Stephanie Hess’s passion and purpose are being a catalyst for self-employed coaches and leaders to monetize their brilliance and make a huge impact. What she desired most in her own life just years ago. A former Fortune 500 Director, Stephanie feels most lit up helping business owners leverage their intuition and joy to strategically grow their business as the founder of Stephanie Hess Coaching.

Stephanie Hess Coaching is based on 15 years of business and marketing experience and coaching over 100 entrepreneurs in her career. Combining a unique background in global cosmetics marketing, professional sports PR, and health coaching, with a love for personal growth and spiritual concepts, Stephanie created a refreshingly simple, 4-step, needle-moving process for creating high-value clients online, without complexity, cold selling or overwhelm. 

Stephanie is of the belief that you must design a business model that suits you; not marketing gurus, mentors, or your social media feed. For her and her clients, this means building a multi-6-figure practice working part-time with just a handful of high-value, high-impact clients.

Stephanie calls NYC and Lancaster, PA home, surrounded by houseplants and a growing wine collection.

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