March 30, 2021

What Your Gut May Be Telling You - GI Mapping with Eliza Bacot

What Your Gut May Be Telling You - GI Mapping with Eliza Bacot

As part of the Getting Your House in Order series, Eliza Bacot will be doing a live diagnosis of Wendy’s gut health as they review her GI Mapping test results! Learn the ins and outs of gut and digestion as we follow them along in their session. Eliza will also share some valuable tips and lifestyle habits you should start adopting to maintain a healthy gut. You will be surprised at how connected the rest of your body truly is with your gut and how vital balancing your gut is to overall health and wellness. Tune in now to get the scoop on the poop! 



  • How digestion and the gut work. 
  • The significance and importance of pathogens in gut health.
  • Types of bad pathogens and how they affect your gut.
  • Types of bacteria and its effects on the gut and overall health.
  • The role of enzymes in your digestive system.
  • The relationship between antibiotics, your immune system, your gut, and pathogens.
  • What is the right way to deal with ear infections?
  • Why it’s so important to give your body rest. 


“When we're talking about keeping the gut healthy, we're really talking about keeping the rest of our body healthy, because that's how we get nutrients for ourselves.”

“What you have is a society that's used to grinding it out. And at some point that is going to make the health of a nation suffer and we are seeing it right now and we're seeing it amidst the pandemic as well. Because people that are inflamed and unhealthy do worse when they get sick.”



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