Dec. 28, 2022

What is Ageism Really? With David Stewart

What is Ageism Really? With David Stewart

Our decisions to say yes or no will always be influenced by our physicality. You won't be confident enough to show up so start changing this and start acting differently not for other people but for yourself.

In today’s episode, we have invited David Stewart, Founder and the face of Ageist as well as the host of The Superage Podcast. David is an expert and a passionate champion of the emerging global over-50 lifestyle. He tells stories to inspire better representation of communications that are targeted at people over 50. He also helps us figure out what happens in the second half of our life.

David will share lessons that you can apply and will change your perception of yourself as you encounter the second wind of your life. He lets us know that our greatest limitation is not the capacity of our resources, it is our imagination. If you expand your imagination and know what you're capable of, you can do amazing things.

In this Episode

[02:43] David Stewart’s professional trajectory in advertising.

[3:40]   What is Ageist about?

[05:40] The Superage Podcast focuses on science, health, and medicine.

[08:14] If you look at any metric right now, women are leading everything.

[13:48] As we age we go by the layered memories we have.

[17:24] One of the reasons why the default marketing messaging is aimed at young people is because it's just way easier to communicate to an entire population of 20-somethings.

[20:12] Start putting yourself into that box of not using the statement “I’m old”.

[28:12] Your health and wellness are governed by your view of the future. And your view of the future is what governs your behavior and your attitudes.

[28:15] Your sense of fear versus your sense of openness and being able to say yes is in very large part based on your physicality. 

[29:18] If you’re feeling fearful about your physicality versus feeling positive, that is going to influence the yes or no decision.

[29:57] We have a reptilian brain that's talking to us about whether we should be scared or not.

[36:37] If you have high blood pressure, I can almost guarantee you 95% of that is because of some choices you are choosing to make and you can change them.

[38:26] How to get the outcome that you want.

[43:43] What keeps David going?

[45:52] The number of people who count on you will cause you to take better care of yourself so that you can better help them.

[46:26] People get confused about purpose and passion. Forget about passion because it will change.

[47:41] Everything you have now is a result of your actions.

About David Stewart

David is the founder and face of AGEIST, a new media company, and agency that champions the vitality, capabilities, and influence of the modern 50+. He is a passionate champion and leading authority on the mindset and aspirations that drive this influential demographic.

David is frequently called upon to share his expertise and insight at important venues and forums around the world. Recent speaking engagements include HIMSS in Las Vegas, the leading conference for health information and technology; TEDx, on Redefining Age; MONOCLE Quality of Life Conference in Zurich; The Mercedes Benz ME Convention in Stockholm and will address the Wellness Summit in Hong Kong later this year. Prior to launching AGEIST, David enjoyed an award-winning career as a photographer specializing in people-oriented advertising. His work for iconic brands including Nike, Adidas, Google, Coors, AT&T, Coke, Philip Morris, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Corona, Gillette, Philips, Johnson & Johnson, Red Bull and many more has appeared in GQ, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, Wired, Interview, Time, The New York Times Magazine, and other outlets.

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