Jan. 5, 2022

Wendy Maguire On The Podcast Babes Podcast

Wendy Maguire On The Podcast Babes Podcast

A year of Second Wind has come and gone. So far, there have been 85 women and a few men I have conversed with and with whom I have built friendships with. I have learned so much and still continue to learn. 

Personally, it has been a challenging year for me. Finding my own way into podcasting and how it works and how much it costs is one. Dealing with an emergency surgery for my mother for about two months and flying back and forth New Jersey was another. Lastly, having my own case of COVID in August, recovering from that and then in the beginning October, I had a horrible reaction to what I thought was monosodium glutamate, but it wasn't until I found out I had Lyme’s disease. It’s a really long journey. However, because of the Second Wind, and all of the challenges, I am a totally different person handling it.

In this episode, Anne Claessen of the Podcast Babes interviews me. We talked about the year and the lessons and the action items that I didn't even know I had learned that she brought out. And all I can say now is how blessed I feel to be able to have this platform and the fabulous people who entered my life. I have learned to be intentional, mindful and present each and every day.

In this episode: 

[04:58] Why and How Wendy started Second Wind The Podcast.

[08:09] When you're walking towards your purpose, things come to you when you need them. - Wendy

[09:59] The thing that stops us from figuring out is our own self talk because our ego always wants us to be safe.

[12:17] Finding the right people to work with.

[13:18] Having passion for your purpose is what keeps you going.

[15:15] Wendy had a bad experience with a guest which taught her a lesson but it also showed her the outpour of support from people on Facebook.

[18:47] Despite feeling unsupported by the people close to her, Wendy kept going, remaining authentic to her audience.

[20:38] Sharing a moment of weakness translates authenticity and honesty.

[22:49] Do the things that speak to your heart, and that make you feel alive. - Wendy

[25:10] Doing a pre-interview before the actual interview.

[27:12] All the things Wendy did or gone through in the past helped in taking her to where she is today.

[28:09] The key is being able to listen.

[29:02] Bringing in some younger women who are experiencing their second wind in their younger years.

About Anne Claessen

Anne Claessen is an entrepreneur and digital nomad. She is the founder of the Podcast Babes and Digital Nomad Stories Podcast in 2018. She finished her law degree and MBA, but she had no idea what she wanted to do for work. And she knew that she didn't want to spend 80 hours a week working at a corporate job. So she set off to travel the world and eventually created a business that she loves that provides such a valuable service to so many other budding and experienced female entrepreneurs looking to share what they know, via this wonderful medium called podcasting.

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