Nov. 3, 2021

The “Nudge” Made Her Write It Down

The “Nudge” Made Her Write It Down

Anita Yelton has had a successful career for most of her life. She traveled the world and was a consultant to a company she loved. But while all these were happening, she felt a “nudge” telling her to retire...

Despite hating her decision, she still listened to her intuition and retired. Little did she know that the reason for her retirement was actually for her husband, Tom. Tom’s Dementia diagnosis came in 2016, since then Anita has lovingly taken care of him.

In this episode, Anita shares her journey as a caregiver to her husband. And as she takes on her journey, her “nudges” became her guide to where she is today. A nudge not only told her to retire, but it also led her to write about Tom and her journey as his caregiver.

Today, from her writings, she helps others go through the same journey as hers. The nudge she considers a message from God, has helped not only herself but others too.   

Tomorrow starts a whole new day, a new experience, a new issue, or another thing to love. And so within this day, and see what tomorrow brings. - Anita

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