Nov. 3, 2021

The “Nudge” Made Her Write It Down

The “Nudge” Made Her Write It Down

Anita Yelton has had a successful career for most of her life. She traveled the world and was a consultant to a company she loved. But while all these were happening, she felt a “nudge” telling her to retire... 

Despite hating her decision, she still listened to her intuition and retired. Little did she know that the reason for her retirement was actually for her husband, Tom. Tom’s Dementia diagnosis came in 2016, since then Anita has lovingly taken care of him.

In this episode, Anita shares her journey as a caregiver to her husband. And as she takes on her journey, her “nudges” became her guide to where she is today. A nudge not only told her to retire, but it also led her to write about Tom and her journey as his caregiver. 

Today, from her writings, she helps others go through the same journey as hers. The nudge she considers a message from God, has helped not only herself but others too.   

Tomorrow starts a whole new day, a new experience, a new issue, or another thing to love. And so within this day, and see what tomorrow brings. - Anita

In this episode:

[3:27]Anita worked for GE for 32 years before she retired and moved to Medtronic as a consultant.

[5:24] In 2016, Anita saw some early signs of Alzheimer’s in her husband Tom.

[6:04] She got a “nudge” telling her to retire despite her success in Medtronic.

[7:17] Starting a business with her daughter and granddaughter in the midst of a pandemic. 

[10:17] Going to a neurologist and finding out her husband has dementia.

[12:21] Up to the year 2019, Tom has had a gradual decline in his dementia. Until it went downhill this year.

[13:07] One night, while sitting on her chair, Anita got another “nudge”. This time posting something on Facebook about Dementia.

[15:12] The next night, she felt the same “nudge”. Since then, she has been posting about Tom’s Dementia everyday.

[17:19] As Tom’s Dementia progresses, Anita was always there to support him, to be his caregiver.

[19:26] Despite his Dementia, Tom becomes alive when he’s in church. The church was his safe place.

[19:55] Anita wrote about her time with Tom everyday in her journal - Dementia Diaries, A Caregiver's Journey.

[22:10] I am chosen, and I am honored. - Anita 

[22:57] Meeting Tom on a blind date...

[27:39] How one post on Facebook evolved into a conversation with others.

[28:58] God created me to go through this with Tom, that I have to go through it with dignity, and keep his dignity as well. - Anita

[29:43] Setting up a Caregiver Zoom Call.

[32:41] Writing about real life and speaking from experience.

[37:33] Taking on Dementia as a family. 

[42:33] His soul and his core are still the same...

[44:49] Everybody has a different story with Dementia.

[46:54] Coaching and looking after her husband at the same time.

[48:33] Turning her journal into a book.

[51:14] Prayer keeps her going.

[54:44] Learning to ask for forgiveness at moments of unintentionally hurting Tom. 

[59:39] Having patience with yourself and asking for forgiveness leads to having patience with someone else.

[1:02:57] Tomorrow starts a whole new day, a new experience, a new issue, or another thing to love. And so within this day, and see what tomorrow brings. - Anita

About Anita Yelton

Anita Yelton is mother and devoted wife to her husband Tom. After learning about Tom’s dementia, Anita faithfully dedicated her time taking care of him. She started writing about her journey on Facebook, which has now developed into becoming a platform for others going through the same journey with her. And as she shares her journey, she helps others get through theirs.

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