May 12, 2021

The Effects of MTHFR on Health and Fertility with Dr. Carolyn Ledowsky

The Effects of MTHFR on Health and Fertility with Dr. Carolyn Ledowsky

Join us for another episode from the Getting Your House In Order Series with Dr. Carol Ledowsky, where she does a live consultation with your host Wendy Maguire on her MTHFR results. Learn how significant MTHFR is in your health and fertility, and how genetic reports can radically improve your health if you know what you’re looking for! Dr. Ledowsky also shares the causes of some common ailments and illnesses, as well as tips on how to improve your methylation. Tune in to also find out why Dr. Ledowsky thinks folic is the new smoking. 



  • The significance of MTHFR in health and fertility.  
  • Analyzing the two key MTHFR genes. 
  • What’s blocking your detoxification pathways? 
  • The negative effects of genomic deficiencies. 
  • How to increase your methylation. 
  • The link between COVID and methylation deficiency. 



“Understanding your genetic susceptibility is the most powerful thing that you can do.”



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