Oct. 20, 2021

The Diagnosis That Changed Her Life Forever

The Diagnosis That Changed Her Life Forever

Jen Barnett’s life has always been comfortable. She grew up in a community where people knew everybody. She has always lived in familiarity, until Parkinson’s shook up her life…

Her diagnosis became a catalyst for change to the life she always knew. Some days she was up, and on some days she was down. And losing her best friend, her dad, made it even worse. Depression consumed her in some seasons of her life, but it was also what pushed her to finally own herself.

In this episode, Jen takes us on a journey of how she found her second wind. From a life of familiarity to embracing change, from depression to owning her life, and from being diagnosed with Parkinson’s to venturing into the new and exciting world of business through LunchboxWax.

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