Sept. 28, 2022

They Thought They Were Helping But My Husband Was Dying With Lisa Decker

They Thought They Were Helping But My Husband Was Dying With Lisa Decker

It seems like there are problems after problems or pains after pains—a loved one passed away, you discovered you have serious health issues, you have problems at work, you have a business to run.

However, giving up is not the answer. Not for Lisa Decker.

In today’s episode, I invited Lisa Decker. It’s her second time on the show and she will reveal the reason why her comeback to our show took a year, the challenges she’s been through, and how she managed to still show up despite all of these life struggles.

Our previous episode with Lisa Decker taught us all about gray divorce. I suggest you listen to this episode (Getting Divorced Now? Gray Divorce Is A Thing. How You Can Do This Well with Lisa Decker).

There's so much to learn from Lisa and her personal experiences and how she's come through it all that you are going to leave this episode with new insights and thoughts about your own life.

About Lisa Decker

Lisa C. Decker is a certified divorce financial analyst with 14 years of experience. Lisa found that divorce is a process and not an event and that the best approach for this process is with a whole team of professionals and resources to offer alternatives other than just lawyering up. Divorce Town USA is the name of her business.

Lisa works to make the process of divorce as amicable as possible for both parties. When we first spoke to Lisa, it was April 20th, 2022. Listen to that episode, during this episode, we learned all about the gray divorce.

Lisa wrote a book and it's called “How to divorce your spouse, not your money”, and she is now working on two more books.

In this Episode

[03:20] Lisa relates her life to the Bobo clown as she experiences struggle after struggle in her life.

  • [04:38] Lisa and her husband had just arrived in Mexico on their first-ever vacation and received a call that their middle daughter had had a very serious rock climbing fall.
  • [05:54] Within about a year and a half, Lisa and her husband were driving home from the store when her husband had a heart attack behind the wheel of a moving car and passed out, so she had to control the situation without knowing how to drive.
  • [06:59] Her husband passed away at the side of the road.

[09:21] For so many reasons, we should always know each other's spouses' information.

[14:09] Before all of this happened, she was taking her mother and found a lump in her breast, and it turned out that she had a triple cancer diagnosis.

[15:24] The year after Lisa’s husband died, she drove over a bridge and a deer crashed into her car. She had to have surgical procedures and cryoablations done because of that incident.

[17:18] A Miracle for Lisa.

[19:18] Lisa got into another accident. 

[20:52] Her challenges in 2019.

[22:23]  You need to be your own advocate. You need to be an involved participant, not a passive bystander.

[25:43] Her mother had brain metastases and hallucinations because of a UTI and her dementia was getting worse, so Lisa finally decided to get her mom admitted to a facility, where she is doing very well now.

[46:56] Lisa asked her husband for a heart-shaped sign, believing he is always with her, and she found a rock with a heart-shaped form; since then, she has seen a heart shape everywhere she goes.

[57:17] “I feel like I'm an onion that keeps being peeled. And eventually, I'm gonna get to the core of all of this.”

[01:01:35] Lisa believes she has a lot of work to do. 

[01:17:05] Lisa is now dealing with what she believes is adrenal fatigue and still moving forward in life.

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