Dec. 21, 2022

Sometimes You Have To Find Your Own Cure With Tricia Williamson Founder Of Essirium Pure and Natural

Sometimes You Have To Find Your Own Cure With Tricia Williamson Founder Of Essirium Pure and Natural

“My whole career, I've always been that person in the background that you don't know about that's making, that's putting everything together for everybody on the front line. And now it's time for me to move to the front line.”

Today I am welcoming Tricia Williamson, Founder of Essirium Pure and Natural. Listen to Tricia’s journey from suffering from chronic headaches to taking a leap of faith by creating her own relief through the study and use of natural oils.

See how Tricia became her own “mad scientist” by diligently finding a more holistic approach to various ailments. Her studies of natural plants and herbs brought her to the realization of what her purpose is in life. Apart from developing healing essential oils, Tricia’s mission is also to help other women who are scared to take that step from an abusive lifestyle. She has a passion to help women find stability by teaching them a trade that can be applied to any business when they start their new life.

In This Episode

[03:40] The creation of Tricia’s product.

[09:14] The way Tricia made her product all by herself.

[11:38] Tricia experienced an excruciating migraine for 14 months.

[14:19] Married at a young age, Tricia raised her children single-handedly while working a corporate job.

[16:53] Tricia’s darkest moments.

[20:23] The moment she had a neuromuscular massage and its impact on her product creation.

[24:05] What is carrier oil?

[28:26] She is now in the scariest part of her career.

[31:03] What Tricia is looking forward to the most with Essirium.

[33:57] How Tricia advertised the launching of her website.

[39:00] The benefits of using Essirium.

About Tricia

Trisha Williamson is a wife, a mother of three, grandmother of five, and she is also the Founder and Developer of Essirium. Essirium is a pure and natural essential oil line that offers a unique, high-end, luxurious healthy skin care experience for both men and women of all skin types.

Tricia spent decades scientifically researching, studying, and developing natural essential oil products that can help with ailments like inflammation, sore muscles, arthritis, and skin issues like acne. Tricia has amazing plans to expand Essirium to many stores throughout the US and grow its outreach and brand.

Connect with Tricia

The Essirium Website
The Essirium Facebook

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