Jan. 25, 2021

Perhaps This Is The Moment I Was Created For

Perhaps This Is The Moment I Was Created For

After retiring from over 30 years in education, Renee Dillard discovered her new purpose in life just by standing by a shelf in a gift store. In this episode, we invite her to share her journey to becoming a front-line savior through the simple act of making snack baskets for hospital staff, and how listening to her intuition could make the biggest change in someone else’s life. It’s never too late to find your true purpose, and you can uncover that through the smallest signs that life throws at you! 



  • Renee’s ‘aha’ moment. 
  • Who is Renee Dill?  
  • Struggling with postpartum amidst a pandemic. 
  • The value of a phone call or text. 
  • Retiring from 32 years of teaching. 
  • Renee’s journey of service for front-line workers.  



“I don't know what's next. Whatever God puts in front of me. I'm gonna jump on with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement.”



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