Aug. 4, 2021

One Sunday Afternoon Changed Her Life Forever With Mindy Corporon

One Sunday Afternoon Changed Her Life Forever With Mindy Corporon

HEADLINE: Three killed in shootings at Kansas City area Jewish centers. Overland Park, Kansas April 13 2014. Three people were killed by a shooter outside the Jewish community center of Greater Kansas City and the village Salaam Jewish retirement community on Sunday afternoon.


This is a story of a mother and a daughter who went through an unimaginable pain and mourning as she lost her son and father to a tragic shooting. At the same time, this is also a story of healing, courage, and kindness.


Mindy Corporon lost two of the most important people in her life. In the long process of grieving and moving on, she almost lost her other son too. 

As you listen to her story, you will witness how she braved through her ordeal and turned this tragic moment into giving back to the community. She has written a book - Healing a Shattered Soul, and has committed her days to speaking at conferences and leading workshops, to inspire and to give hope even at the hardest of times.

In this episode:

[2:12] Wendy reads a headline about a shooting in Kansas. On April 13, 2014, three lives were lost.

[7:14] Mindy Corporon shares her journey of grief and courageous kindness in an inspiring new memoir, in Healing A Shattered Soul.

[8:36] Eight years later, the man who murdered Mindy’s son, father, and another woman is in the news as he appeals his death penalty sentence.

[7:57] Mindy is a popular speaker, teacher, and writer. She has dedicated her life to encouraging kindness, faith, and healing in companies and communities.

[8:05] She has co-founded with this vision are Faith Always Wins Foundation and Workplace Healing LLC.

[10:10] After the tragedy in 2014, Mindy had a difficult time in 2018, this time with her other son Lukas. He needed to leave.

[11:24] In February, Mindy was given the green light by her company that she can leave. As a result, she and her husband went with Lukas to Florida, even if Mindy didn’t want to.

[13:43] Despite pouring support for Lukas, he felt angry. Specifically to his mom, Mindy.

[15:11] He got mental health care at Research Medical Center in Kansas in 2015. By the age of 14 he was suicidal.

[16:26] Mindy got a call from the school and Lukas’ middle school counselor and said, he's told a friend that he planned to commit suicide.

[18:32] They were able to get assistance. And now, Lukas just finished his freshman year at Arkansas.

[20:16] Lukas moving to Florida was all he needed to heal. He was able to start anew.

[21:53] A pastor told Mindy that she was pushing through grief.

[26:18] It’s important to find a space where you can grieve...

[27:23] She talks about losing a friend to a car wreck when she was 16.

[28:53] Mindy helps people understand that you can hold grief, sadness, sorrow, laughter, joy, and delight all at the same time.

[30:39] This was Mindy’s first time writing a book. Her father and brothers were writers, but she only wrote after the murders.

[32:59] While taking a video before leaving their home of 13 years, she saw two deers. And she felt like it was her son and her dad telling her a message...

[33:55] She met Brooke, who helped her write the book.

[35:04] The book didn’t work out. She started a new business, Workplace Healing.

[35:16] COVID happened, and Mindy finally found the time to write her book - Healing a Shattered Soul.

[36:32] Mindy focused on the courageous kindness that came their way.

[36:52] Podcasting also became her channel. She talks about an interview with Bill Timaeus, who also lost his nephew in a similar tragedy.

[40:17] Back in December 2017, a president of a bank asked Mindy about the grieving process. He was worried about his employee who just lost a spouse, and was asking when that employee would be in full working capacity.

[42:41] This event prompted Mindy and her partner Lisa Cooper to build Workplace Healing.

[43:32] Workplace Healing provides technological ability to measure grief. It covers both the employer and employees needs.

[46:40] Before, people didn’t understand what Workplace Healing was about, because not everyone loses someone. When COVID happened, they understood the mission of the company. 

[49:52] Mindy and her husband Len have gone through a lot. And staying married during this time of tragedy was difficult. But… They overwon the obstacles. Together with their son Lukas, moving to Florida was the best decision.

About Mindy Corporon

Mindy Corporon is the author of Healing a Shattered Soul. A memoir of the tragic loss of her son and father from Domestic Terrorism. Along with her family, Mindy started the Faith Always Wins Foundation. She is also a co-founder of Workplace Healing LLC, a company that helps employers address life disruptions in their employees.

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