March 4, 2022

Oksana Kornyat About The War In Ukraine And What We Can Do

Oksana Kornyat About The War In Ukraine And What We Can Do

I'm heartbroken by the war that's currently going on in Ukraine. I felt like I should do something, but what?

I decided to ask my friend Oksana Konyat, who grew up in Ukraine and has most of her family there, to share her story on Second Wind. We talk about what's currently happening, what Oksana hears from her family, and what she thinks will happen next.

Head over to Oksana's instagram (@oksana_kornyat) for all the links and ways to help.

In this episode:

[03:10] Oksana wants to spread the word and support what's going on in Ukraine. 

[04:28] Russia being a powerful country, has always been a threat to Ukraine.

[05:17] Not all Russians agree with what’s happening, but they’re not doing anything or enough either.

[06:18] Why does Russia want to take over Ukraine?

[07:58] The war has been going on for eight years.

[10:07] People are dying and those that are trying to survive live in subway tunnels.

[10:51] Some people, including Oksana’s cousin, collects essentials and drop it off at certain locations in the city for people who are trapped.

[11:51] Children are getting arrested for peacefully protesting.

[12:36] Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is in the frontlines fighting, and 80,000 Ukranians all over the world are ready to defend their country.

[13:54] Despite being a thousand miles away, Oksana is fighting for her country in her own way 

[15:15] How help reaches Ukraine.

[16:08] If Russia wins this war, there will be no Ukraine.

[17:19] Every Ukrainian is proud to be Ukrainian. We are united, and that's why we will win this war.

[17:46] Ukraine is a beautiful country with so much history and culture and everywhere you go.

[19:34] Oksana’s family can leave Ukraine if they want to, but they choose to stay because it’s their home.

[21:09] We can help Ukraine through spreading awareness, donating medical supplies and essentials and attending rallies.

[21:56] Do not be ignorant, because this doesn't just affect Ukraine. This affects the whole world.

[22:57] Many Russian soldiers were brainwashed into thinking they were going to help Ukranians but instead they were given orders to kill them.

[25:37] Please spread awareness and prayers, because sitting and not doing anything is not helping anybody. - Oksana

About Oksana Kornyat

Oksana Kornyat is Ukrainian who grew up in New Jersey, both her parents are from Ukraine. She lived for two years in Ukraine with her brother and they go back every summer. All of her family is in Ukraine, and despite being thousands of miles away, Oksana is fighting alongside her countrymen in her own way. Through spreading awareness, attending rallies, and facilitating donations, Oksana is doing her best to help. 

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