July 24, 2021

Looking Healthy Almost Cost Dawn Kelley Her Life

Looking Healthy Almost Cost Dawn Kelley Her Life

Dawn Kelley is always the picture of a healthy and fit woman. She loves running and always keeps a healthy lifestyle. However, in the morning of October 2019, she felt that something was wrong, her legs didn’t have the power to run…

In this episode, Wendy and Dawn talk about how a perfectly healthy looking woman suffered a silent cardiac disease. They talk about how Dawn’s passion for running and keeping healthy also helped in battling this illness.

In this interview, Dawn aims to bring awareness to make health a priority. To listen to our body and not delay if something doesn’t feel right. Take control of your body, take control of your life.


“Be the winner that you know that you are, win at the things that matter in life, great health, great relationships, win at the game of life, and get the best that you can and live the best life possible.” - Dawn Kelley

In this episode:

[3:57] Heart problems run in the family

[4:34]17 years ago, Dawn discovered that she has Mitral Valve Prolapse

[5:20] Her health takes the backseat

[7:07] October 2019, Dawn was about to go for a run but didn’t have the power in her legs to move

[7:21] She ignored the signs and kept making excuses

[8:23] Christmas and New Year went by and nothing has really changed in her health

[9:22] Dawn’s mom dies. She mourned and delayed addressing her heart issues.

[10:16] Finally went to an Internist and discovered she’s experiencing A Fib (Atrial Fibrillation)

[12:35] Underwent echocardiogram with her nurse friend, Martha

[13:29] Got admitted at Emory Hospital for 5 days

[14:18] Doctor delivered the bad news. Dawn has heart failure.

[16:26] Moment of shock and denial.

[17:34] Dawn finds out that the years of keeping healthy pays off.

[24:38] Determined to live, she focuses on strengthening her heart with walking and a healthy diet before the surgery.

[25:37] She finally wakes up after surgery.

[28:35] Dawn talks about her career in retail. How she climbed the ladder of success into becoming a VP of Training and ending up working in Honeycomb Consignment where she met Wendy.

[30:19] Working in emotional retail enabled her to help other people and helped her cope as well working in a wellness community.

[31:19] Becoming a certified life coach, specializing in helping young adults.

[32:28] Realizing the need to share your learnings and experiences can help someone.

[35:27] Excited to go home and recover…

[36:10] Going back to work and continuously living healthy.

[37:30] Plans to write a book to share her experience and bring about awareness on heart disease.

[39:13] Emphasis on taking scans and check ups, specially those with family history of cardiac disease.

[41:25] Know your family history and do something about it.

[43:45] Starting anew with ‘New Dawn’ - a coaching and leadership training company.

[46:11] Don’t ignore your body, do not hesitate to seek help…

[49:41] Be your own advocate and be proactive.

[50:50] Live the best life possible, we only got one.

Thank you for listening today. I hope that something you've heard made you smile, made you think and made you feel these incredible stories empowered, you awakened you or left you feeling inspired.