May 24, 2022

It Shouldn’t Have Come To Brain Surgery

It Shouldn’t Have Come To Brain Surgery

Maureen Forman started experiencing strange headaches, migraines, and paresthesia. One day, while she was on a hike with her son, she suddenly couldn’t move and couldn’t talk properly.

Maureen Foreman is an owner of an equestrian center and also in corporate America, with a challenging career that brings her to LA from Georgia, she suddenly found herself so ill and undiagnosable for three years. As the bills accrued, she realized she had to keep up with her corporate job. Maureen is one of many who has Lyme and has been misdiagnosed a lot of times. Her story resonates with the story of many Lyme Disease patients.

In this episode, Maureen shares with us her journey with Lyme Disease. How initially like other Lyme Disease patients she was often misdiagnosed, from being diagnosed with a brain tumor, she went through different treatments that didn’t properly address her condition.

 Join me as we listen to her story and learn why we need to be more aware and why things need to change around testing for Lyme Disease.

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