Feb. 2, 2022

If Your Money Was A Person, Who Would Your Money Be?

If Your Money Was A Person, Who Would Your Money Be?

Money issues are a common dilemma for a lot of people. It can cause anxiety and pain. But, have you ever considered treating money as a person? How would that change your relationship with money?

Morgana Rae knew exactly how that felt. She was in a dark place, until her coach asked her the weirdest but most meaningful question that transformed her life -  If your money was a person, who would your money be? Now, she has become an international #1 best selling author of “Financial Alchemy: 12 Months of Magic & Manifestation,” and a pioneer in personal development for over 27 years. All because she was able to find the answer, and establish a good relationship with money.

In this episode, Morgana shares how her money monster appeared in her life, and how she was able to defeat her monster by transforming how money was represented in her life. She now guides entrepreneurs, artists, healers and humanitarians to thrive in their purpose and attract more than they chase.

Join me in the first part of our interview with Morgana Rae.

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