Aug. 3, 2022

If You Can Do It Today, Why Wait For Tomorrow?

If You Can Do It Today, Why Wait For Tomorrow?

Why do we set a time frame for achieving our dreams? 

We say, ‘I will write a book at 30 or start my business at 40. So why don't we achieve our dreams now? 

We work for the paycheck; most of the time, our jobs might not even be our passion or purpose. It is time to change this mindset. 

In this episode, Sophia Buesing will discuss how she acknowledged her wake-up call to turn her life around.

In this episode:

[03:53] Sophia’s wake-up call.

[05:46] The call to be someone great.

[11:26] Sophia explains the problems attached to the need for identifying with a title.

[12:44] At 18, Sophia decided not to go to college.

[12:55] Sophia’s self-development journey.

[18:21] Sophia lands a high-paying job without a degree.

[20:55] Why Sophia started her podcast.

[22:52] About Sophia’s podcast.

[27:52] What you can learn from Sophia’s podcast.

[32:08] There is strength in having your skills and experiences.

[37:12] Habits that keep Sophia inspired.

[41:31] Sophia’s definition of a second wind.

About Sophia Busing

Sophia Busing is a self-motivated woman. She started her podcast, The Shit Show of My Twenties, two years ago in the heat of the pandemic. Her podcast is thriving. She aims to teach young people how to overcome daily challenges and be the best version of themselves.

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